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In Response to Re: Good Running Game Overrated? :      I tend to disagree. The Pats have pretty much owned the Ravens and Steelers over the past decade. The reason why the games have been close of late is largely due to the weakness of the Pats' pass defense. Last year, the young Steeler WRs and TE killed the Pats, by using a 'Patriots' style" passing attack against the undermanned and overwhelmed Pats' secondary. Running really played no part.       Ditto the Ravens in the Pats' playoff win. The secondary allowed the mediocre Joe Flacco to shread them.
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So running played "no part" when the Ravens beat the Pats in the playoffs when Ray Rice ran all over the Pats D. The Ravens D kept the score low enough to nearly win  last year. And the Steelers basically won a TOP regular season game, Yes they passed successfully, but the also ran effectively enough to take time off the clock and tire a mediocre (at best) Pats D.

The key for me is not entering game where the Pats D has to win it. If the offense is effective it should be catch-up all day long. While you'd have to convince me the Pats offense is not better than the Steelers offense. The difference, as stated, lies in the defense. The Steelers D is much better than the Pats D currently is......and that's not exactly a bold statement....just a statement of the obvious.

The whole picture really improves when the Pats develop a pass rush and the secondary plays better......again not saying anything that the whole world hasn't said before.

If the Pats own the Steelers how come the Steelers have won their Super Bowls more recently ?