Goodell Must Go

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    Goodell Must Go

         NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the media's willing accomplice to the trumped-up Spygate fiasco, is at it again. Apparently, Goodell is modeling himself after NBA Commissioner David he now is talking about such wonderful things as expanding the regular season, and playing a SB in London...all in the name of "growing the game":

         Bob Kraft should do everything within his power to oust this arrogant, drunk with power, former Jets employee from his post. But, he shouldn't try to oust him merely out of revenge for costing his team a #1 draft choice, and letting his team twist in the wind for months in 2007. It should also be for dissing the fan base in America which has really "grown the game", with silly measures such as exporting regular season games abroad, and the handling of broadcasting games over the NFL Network and Direct TV. 

         Aren't you-all tired of having to deal with the Direct TV monopoly? In order to get the NFL Ticket, one must sign a fairly lengthy services contract with that company...whose monopoly was just recently extended by Goodell.  

         Heres an article from the Charlotte Observer in which Jets Goodell talks about "growing the game":

         Check out the following response, in which a Carolina Panthers' fan really "nails it": 

         "Grow the Game" bull, the obvious sole intention is to loot foreign cash at the expense of American fans who actually grew the game, watching, paying (tickets and increased consumer costs due to high advertising), building stadiums with tax dollars and PSL's, etc. 
         Taking away a Panthers Home game to ship overseas would actually possibly be class actionable as it does not just take away the price of one ticket, but dilutes the value of a PSL and limits resale value especially in a season with one less home game. 
         The NFL should be very careful as they are alienating their golden goose the fans, with their treatment of NFL network, Sunday Ticket lack of availability versus how rest of world can view games, and now shipping games overseas. Stop the greed and focus on the fans who built you!"

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    Re: Goodell Must Go

    We're already seeing that in the NFL, Harley.

    Or have you forgotten, both the Cardinals and the Vikings had to scramble madly at the 11th hour to fill their stadiums for PLAYOFF GAMES last year!

    Is there a problem?

    Look at the monkey!
    Look at the monkey!

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    Re: Goodell Must Go

    I would think it a bold and visionary move if I thought there was even a remote chance to cultivate a market for a team in Europe.

    But he is just using this as a chance to grab a little extra in overseas revenue (jerseys, viewers) which  seems a little silly because no one but Goodell and a few stranded fans in England like the idea.

    Football isn't Basketball, it isn't Hockey and it isn't even Basball. Right now, there is zero oversea's interest.

    The crazy thing, is that the leagues that should be doing this (NHL and NBA) don't, or don't do it aggresively enough. The NHL should be purging teams from places in the States that don't really care and trying to get some interest in places in Canada and Europe that would actually tune in.
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    Re: Goodell Must Go

    I'm pretty sure I read recently that the owner of the Phoenix Coyotes -- which, apparently, is an NHL franchise . . .  who knew? -- is interested in relocating his team to Quebec. The commissioner of the NHL, according to my research (which, for those of you who don't know, consists entirely of what I can remember off the top of my head), is against this move for reasons that do not make a great deal of sense.

    Marketing is always and evermore about "where is the money and how do we get it?"

    Hockey in Florida and Arizona?
    No Hockey in Winnipeg or Quebec City?


    Football in the UK?

    American football?

    Hey . . .  I know, let's throw a billion dollars at the FA Cup, bring it to Disneyworld and see how the Brits like that.
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    Re: Goodell Must Go

         I would love to get the NFL Ticket, so I could watch the Pats every weekend from my home, instead of the nearby sports-bar. But, I can't stomach dealing with those thieves at Direct TV. I hate being required to sign a fairly lengthy contract with them...just to have access to The Ticket.

         Goodell and the owners should have done something to make The Ticket available to all satelite and cable services...rather than reinstating the Direct TV monopoly on The Ticket for four more years.  
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    Re: Goodell Must Go

    I'm a renter and couldn't get NFL Sunday Ticket even if I wanted it . . .   well, I do want it, but not on their terms.

    I recently got a letter from Comcast telling me that the NFL Network will no longer be available because the NFL is insisting that the service be part of an expanded basic package and Comcast wants the extra ten bucks it gets by putting it on a "Sports Tier" with a bunch of other worthless channels I never watch.

    I'm pretty sure Comcast has since backpedaled on dropping the service, but the point is that we are at the mercy of these monolithic corporations who take our money and then tell us to like what they give us.

    Did somebody mention the thing about finding the money and going to get it?

    Oh yeah . . .

    That was me.
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    Re: Goodell Must Go

    Wow . . .

    I guess he told you, didn't he?