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    Does anybody know anyone getting in on this?

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    Re: goodell-scheduled-for-gillette-visit

    This could have the makings of something "special". Someone needs to ask him about his incompetence & then others have to keep hammering away with more of the same, Jets preferential tratment, & no cosistency in punishment questions. Make sure to let him know he's lying. Don't let him off the hook. If he runs from it he'll look like a tool, & if he stays to lie he'll look like a bigger tool.
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    Re: goodell-scheduled-for-gillette-visit

    Smells like a rat to me.  This is just a PR appearance designed to make him look less like a ****.   Nothing will come of this.  In some way, somehow, he's going to use this event as fodder for why he's not going to punish Alosi.

    He comes to bury Caesar, not to praise him.  And I'm sure those questions are going to be screened.
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    Re: goodell-scheduled-for-gillette-visit

    In Response to Re: goodell-scheduled-for-gillette-visit:
    He comes to bury Caesar, not to praise him. 
    Posted by soups

    The joke, of course, being that Brutus goes on to praise Caesar at great length after uttering the fabled words.

    But seriously . . .  don't expect any great revelations from this session. Not only will questions be screened, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if Goody doesn't plant a few "friendlies" in the audience to toss softballs at him, while addressing fans' actual concerns with a prepared statement.

    To finish where this post started, this is much ado about nothing . . .   mere smokescreen public relations, unless I miss my guess.
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