Goodell's letter to NFL Fans

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    Re: Goodell's letter to NFL Fans

    Pretty clear that the NFL is trying to protect its players in preparation for a longer NFL season, which is commendable but has led to a lot of questionable penalties.  If ultimately we the fans get 18 regular season games instead of 2 meaningless preseason games, I can understand the need to be more protective of players.   

    I think the vets deserve to be the ones that benefit from a slotted rookie pay scale.  Guys that have earned their way in the NFL deserve to be paid before a rookie with no NFL experience.  And the days of when a bad pick like Jamarcus Russell handcuffs your franchise for 5 years should be a thing of the past, or at least easier to rectify.    
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    Re: Goodell's letter to NFL Fans

    This is the part that is bogus:

    "A significant change would be to resolve fan complaints about preseason by modifying our 20-game format. Fans tell us they don't like the quality of the preseason games, and we're listening. An enhanced season of 18 regular season and two preseason games would not add a single game for the players collectively, but would give fans more meaningful, high-quality football."

    yeah we don't like 4 menaingless preseason games, but we will hate an 18 game season more because we know the players will be too beat up come playoff time. At least in the meaningless preseason games the head coach can sit players to protect their helth.

    I don't like the way they are trying to sell the 18 games season as a benefit to the fans. Does anyone really think we'll have more meaningful, high quality games when all the quality players are beat and broken up. 

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    Re: Goodell's letter to NFL Fans

    as someone who pays for season tickets and cant even unload front row seats to those two useless preseason games i happen to like the 18 game season. i dont want to hear about keep players healthy when tons of players get hurt in preseason already as it is, and i dont see it becoming much more if an issue if the games meant something. they are football players and are payed to play football.
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    Re: Goodell's letter to NFL Fans

    Another aspect of the 18 game season that "slicky G " doesnt want to mention is the increase in meaningless games played by teams that clinch home field ( If this current season was an 18 gamer ,the Pats would have ended it with 3 straight ).
      If 18 games is adapted ...then the teams' roster ( and active game roster ) should expand as well .
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    Re: Goodell's letter to NFL Fans

    Sounds like a typical CEO spin job doesn't it?  This is what they send you before they cut your benefits.