grats on the win

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    Re: grats on the win

    hahahahha Leon The MASTER HESS, your a bundle of laughs :-))) Keep the jokes comming, we need em badly here. Please stay with us.

    Old QB? Were you excited when the Jets begged Bret Favre? Were you excited when Belichick was going to be your HC - for a day? Did you think it was funny that a line of Jets coaches tripped a Gunner running up the sideline and Rex knew nothing about it - no fine, no picks taken away? Were you excited when the Jets drafted Gholson after BB showed 'all kinds' of interest ... do I hear a svcking sound? Were you excited when the Jets drafted -lost picks- for Sanchez after our beloved Petey Told him 'your not quite ready yet to enter the draft'. Did they check with Petey?

    Are you proud of your owner who recently said "he was more interested in who gets elected POTUS instead of His Jets"? Are you proud that your Jets ACTUALLY are from New Joisy? and the Jets fanbase only extends 20 miles south of the Meadowlands, if that? Are you excited that the COMMISH is a former Jets employee? Are you excited that an OBVIOUS Jets fan is the announcer for all Pats Games on CBS? They are so bold that they wear Jets Green ties! Insult peoples intelligence much? AND, Tebow, no longer Tebows in New Joisy, Why is that? No hypocrites allowed? Oh, and Broadway Joe, remember him? He has turned on you folks and speaks the Truth.

    You fantasise too much just thinking that if BB stayed as your coach then the 'OLD QUARTERBACK' -you rant on about- could have, should have, would have, been a JET!!!! One last of many questions, Am I right? :-))))))) Or should we think 'CHUBBY CHECKER' the TWIST? Just follow the bouncing white ball and sing along and you'll see what I mean.

    Here's a joke for you .... Gai kakhen afenyam :-))))

    Have a good night and PLEASANT DREAMS, ya'hear!

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    Re: grats on the win

    In response to Rodimus77's comment:

    "My life does not reviolve around a sports team" Really dude? Can't believe you actually made that statement. I know a lot of posters on this forum would disagree with that statment!

    His life revolves around the Patriots. He knows the Jests will never win anything, thus the Master Hess tag. Leon Hess was a bad owner, foolishly chasing an elsuive SB championship. Wait, elusive would conotate that it was within the Jests grasp, which never has been the case. Think of Leon Hess as football's equivalent of baseball's Bill Wrigley.