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Great article on Belichick on Yahoo today...

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    Great article on Belichick on Yahoo today...;_ylt=AjVw4_37VARaKlxLQ_UgXZA5nYcB?slug=dw-wetzel_bill_belichick_patriots_rebel_coach_020112

    Some little teasers:

    Check out the rosters in the “Madden NFL Football ’12” video game and you’ll find 31 teams have their head coach listed by name; Tom Coughlin, Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy and so on.

    Just one is missing: Bill Belichick. The New England Patriots have just the generic “NE Coach.” Why?

    "I don’t know,” Belichick said.




    Then there is the birth of his signature hoodie.

    As the story goes – a story that’s taken on legend around the franchise since a number of players retold it – Belichick wasn’t pleased when the NFL signed a clothing deal with Reebok that required coaches to wear approved clothing during games. This was some executive in New York telling grown men how to dress. Since when did football coaches become clothing models?

    There was no way to opt out of that deal so Belichick considered the fashion options laid out in front of him, and selected the most unstylish outfit, a grey hooded sweatshirt. He began wearing it each week. Only not before having the sleeves cut off to make it even less attractive.

    “It’s comfortable,” Belichick said in explaining his fashion choice. “I carry my stuff in my pouch.”

    What about chopping off the sleeves?

    “I have short arms,” Belichick said.




    Excellent read. It's kind of sad that a national, and not a local, reporter has this insightful article a few days before the Super Bowl. Tsk tsk Globe and Herald, though it's about what's to be expected.

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    Re: Great article on Belichick on Yahoo today...

    Another reason why I think the guy is so outstanding. In the conformist world of the NFL, the guy is a true nonconformist in every respect. Every win he gets makes conventional wisdom and NFL groupthink seem all the more ridiculous. Is it any wonder why the NFL establishment doesn't like the Patriots? Its because Belichick makes them look foolish.

    Long may you reign, BB!

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    Re: Great article on Belichick on Yahoo today...

    Maybe this was all old info to everyone else, I'm a little surprised few people commented.

    Me, personally, I gobble up any info I can ever get on the man. He fascinates me, and the more I learn about him, the more I seem to respect him.

    More than anything, I love the non-conformity he embodies. More people should share his desire for independant thought and original ideas.