Great Article

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    Great Article

    Thought I should share this article with all you football fans. 


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    Re: Great Article

    good read, very sad.  never knew he as a UM Black Bear.

    I think a lot about what happened to Ted Johnson and how he changed...don't really know what else to add.  really, really sad.  

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    Re: Great Article

    I agree this article is interesting due to one huge fact. The pressure these players put themselves under. Play hurt, getting derided by coaches (doubt BB is in the posse). Know they need to do whatever to stay on the field or they won't be in the league. Putting it all on the line knowing you may get paralyzed or worse. Neither are good obviously. It makes the engineering the league does sickening. Disgusting. Manipulating games when this is what they go through, week to week, year to year. That's why the Jets loss, the Panthers debacle are so glaring and needed to be discussed and kept alive. Not for us, for the players. Who is watching out for them? The NFLPA? Yeah right..

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    Re: Great Article

    Not so sure it is such a great article.  Depressing article maybe more accurate.  Depressing on many levels actually.   Aside from the tragedy , the article explores all the multiple  reasons  and then squarely places blame on a hit during a football game.   because it is a buzz word with the NFL and the brain science people(cantu) who have their own agendas concerning a very complicated injury. 

    As a person who has had three concussions in 3 different circumstances but the first being in a high school football game,  and spending 5 years in a relationship  and collaborating with a brain science writer,  let's just say there's more to the story.