Great Boyce analysis

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    Re: Great Boyce analysis

    In response to DeadAhead's comment:

    In response to TripleOG's comment:

    In response to DeadAhead's comment:

    When I get a chance to go back and look, I will bump it. I am not making it up, Mr. Sneaky, just like when I didn't make up you saying "Edelman to Browns, Vollmer to Phins",, where you pass it off as some kind of inside info.

    You're a liar and a fraud as I have prove here on numerous occasions.  Tell us again who Hooman will be on IR. lol

    Why can't you just admit you said something and then backpedaled?  How about this? Don't say such outlandish things passing them off as a supposed probablility?  

    I cannot believe the people who think you are some valuable contributor here.  You're a fraud.

    Are you talking to yourself?  Sorry I have to back rkarp. I dont recall him dissing Boyce And Im not sure why it would make a difference. Are we really sitting here saying I told you so for a guy who took more than half a season to make the field and its only due to injury?? there an award being handed out. Knock it off. Rkarp already owned you and proved you to be a liar and with faced of proof of your defeat, you still woudnt let it go. Your credibility is TOAST!

    He did not prove anything. Showing us a post from August after a handful of WRs were released, is not proving  jack squat. I am talking about when he kept questioning Boyce being held out after his surgery and him continuing to question Boyce being able to make the team, by being behind the other WRs.

    He also had Tebow on his final roster. This was the time when he was bashing BB for Hernandez and demanding daily press conferences and when he said ESPN would be there all summer to the Tebow thing. A blind squirrel does find a nut once in a while, sure. That's RKarp.

    He likes to create doom and gloom scenarios and take advantage of the idea we all know he works for ESPN. The fact is, you, me, and yes, RKarp, have NO IDEA what BB is thinking or what he will do.

    Maybe he can tell us Hooman to IR again or "special press conference tonight at 6PM" again, too.  Those were doozies. lmao

    "Edelman to Browns, Vollmer to Phins"

    "McKelvin 21 million, can BB afford Arrington?"

    Huge list. They guy has diarhhea of the mouth.

    He's a fraud.  He uses his ESPN status to pull the wool of morons' eyes and then he throws crap at the wall hoping it sticks, with only a small few calling him out.

    You dorks are like little puppies around him. It's embarrassing.

    Boyce has great talent, he just needed more time because he missed mini camp and reps due to the foot surgery.

    When I get some time, I will go back and see I can find the thread where he was talking about Boyce getting further and further behind as the reason why he wouldn't make the team.


    actually no. You are jealous of rkarp and its embarassing. Earlier this week, seawolf said I made good points and your jealousy was on display again. We dont seek to take attention of you so relax , you are still the Burger King of the board.

    As fas as Hooman, I actually thought he was on I/R and if he doesnt return in a few weeks, isnt is all the same? He must have had something right cuz he aint played in a while. If you wanted to be reporter, you should have went to school for it instead of going to sell pills which any pusher can do without a degree.

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    Re: Great Boyce analysis

    Dobson, Thompkins and Boyce have done fine. The thing that has always stood out to me is how BB really is a patient guy. I've always thought BB looked at the draft as a continuation of the process unlike impatient others who, in desperation, throw young players into the fire who burn out in a year or two.

    BB looks for smart players who are willing to learn a system with hard physical and mental demands. This trio of rooks, they've been fun to watch if you ask me. Sure, they've made some mistakes. Missed routes. Etc; But, it's so much more enjoyable to watch this whole process if you see postive results and I think we are. I also think Brady really enjoys this too. It must be exciting to see the young WR's start to sync with you. 

    I'm so glad to see Boyce get his chance. 

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    Re: Great Boyce analysis

    I thought he had the most potential of all the receivers we had, but clearly I was wrong, if I was right he wouldn't just be getting into games this late in the season due to injuries. Don't know why this kid wasn't starting, but I imagine it had to do with work ethic and not knowing what the hell he was doing out there.

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    Re: Great Boyce analysis

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:

    I'm just here to say Thompkins sucks

    I'm here to say he doesn't.  In fact, I would say he is showing steady improvement and some real talent.  But, I'm no more of an expert about such things than you are.  We'll just have to see how he turns out.