Great McKenzie

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    Great McKenzie

    While you sleep in the states the morning sun as arised here in Europe, and what a great morning with the signings of Wilfork and Neal. Lets hope we can resign Bodden, Burgess and Faulk too.

    That being said, Pats still need to add someone in FA or RFA, as we wont be alot better at pass rush just having the same players as last year. Can anyone see any interesting pass rusher out there in RFA or FA?? Right now I guess J. Taylor and Merriman tops the list?

    By the way does anyone know if Tyrone McKenzie is an ILB or OLB?? I thought he was ILB, but just read that he used to be a sack leader, so now Im curious to know.

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    Re: Great McKenzie

    mckenzie jumped a shark. we should look into that bouchard kid. and hillary clinton should be president.