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Great Read

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    Re: Great Read

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    Speaking of the Stones, has anybody put out a good album since '81? Well, besides SRV but he's done too.


    jesus i can only a hundred or so!


    why do people get old and think their generation (or the one other oldsters tell them about, like the overrated and pseado phony 60's) was the last one to do anything good? no, creativity passion talent and soul don't just leave because you got old, you just got old-and that means it's time to close ur mind ears and eyes and start living backwards-sad but as predictable as the sun coming up-i mean what kind of an idiot would even think there hasn't been a good album in 32 years??!!

    whenever you would like some of that list or even just some great really cool suff from the past couple of years let me know woz...not that it will matter probably but you never know!


    There is no denying the 60s/70s were a golden age of rock music. Good stuff after that, but not nearly as much. But that stands to reason as any new ground broken usually sees the pioneers of that exhaust much of the possibilities.


    golden ages are myths babe!-you think the WW2 generation of Sinatra fans thought the 60's and 70's  were a "Golden Age"?...the 60s and 70s had a whole lotta garbage too

    and those guys ripped off the country and blues artists that came before them-i mean without the blues would we have a stones or zeppelin? nope...

    I agree u have to be 3 times as original now and b/c it's all been done and that to me makes the good stuff I hear today more impressive-there is great stuff and junk now just like me oyu have to listen with open ears and mind and most get older and don't...which is silly and sad

    to be honest why can't people just appreciate the good in any era be it sports or art or music or fashion? then again you have to want to see it to appreciate it-


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    Re: Great Read

    liberal flower jetns


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