Sports Illustrated has a GREAT article ripping "Mangenius"

He makes so many good points. WHY was he ever hired as HC in the first place? He spent a grand total of ONE year as coordinator. WOW Obviously he was nowhere near ready. He turns his players against him, handing out league max fines for the most trivial things. He was a BUST in NY and is a BUST in Cleveland. Will he last the year there?

My hate for this guy started back before the SB before he left. They had a reporters Q7A with the staff and he was laying back on a bleacher like he was king shat, giving an attitude to anyone who came near him. He knew he was out of there bound for HC of NYJ (like Parcells) and looked like he couldn't wait to leave. He gave a lot of "no comment" answers when asked about his future and just came off like a total jerk, which, in fact, he IS.

You'd figure a guy who just spent his first year as coordinator and was days away from the SB would be pretty happy, if not downright giddy, and answering most all questions asked of him, saying things like, "this year has been amazing" "I couldn't be happier" "we have an incredible thing here" "I LOVE working for this organization"

Maybe he did and I missed that interview, but what I saw was a guy with a real F U attitude acting like a jerk days before a SB

Anyway, great article in SI