Greg Bedard thoughts on Patriots OTA's Yesterday

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    Re: Greg Bedard thoughts on Patriots OTA's Yesterday

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    the Kafka comments are also not surprising...if Philly let him go for nothing and drafted Barkley, they did not feel he was worth the roster spot. Make trading Mallett even more far fetched.

    I was not at ota's last year (nor this year) but was at many sessions last years camp...Brady was very animated and competitive about mistakes and losing to the D...wonder how long his patience will last this year?

    I had one writer I was talking to also comment on AWilson being so big. He wondered if that is part of a plan to play Wilson in the box, and will it hurt Wilson when asked to cover.

    Bedards comment "Blount was as advertised" very telling

    I find ota's more of a glorified captains practice. when other posters are slapping each other on the back that Dobson looks great or Jenkins made a catch, I have said it is a glorified toss and catch, lets see what happens when the pads come on. and I get criticized on the board for negativity, not objectivity. yet here's Bedard, a very astute follower with close to a scouts eye, saying that the offense is another another planet compared to the defense (not in a good way), and the WR's are feeling their way, rounding off routes etc...



    You're contradicting yourself in every breath you take...


    You muse about OTAs, comment on Bedard's observations, pick and choose the ones which are particularly negative (Blount missing a block, Adrian Wilson looking big, and your conversation with a colleague that this may affect his ability to cover, the offense looking out-of-sync, Kafka looking medicore) and fail to point out a single positive thought Bedard had. Not only do you fail to highlight anything positive Bedard said, you interject your own negative, pessimistic commentary. 

    Yet, you go on to say in the next paragraph that OTAs are entirely meaningless, and what happens there should be essentially disregarded...
    Only to follow that with a negative, cynical comment, handpicking a few of Bedard's comments about the offense looking behind the defense, and the new receivers struggling, and how that is a thing of concern.

    So how should we label you and your post(s)? Should we classify you as a cyncial, negative, debbie-downer, who really doesn't appear to have any kind of fandom for the Pats, beyond that of an overly critical analysis here or there? 

    Or should be label you as a hypocritical, know-nothing, as you seem to be attempting to draw conclusions from OTAs, which you yourself say is a futile act?


    I am glad you asked. Thank you. Label me as some one who could care less what happens at OTA's. They are a glorified captains practice. That is not to say I dont enjoy hearing and discussing them, but I dont put a lot of weight in what we hear about them.


    Also label me as someone who has been attending camp the past 17 years and has media access to most of the ex players who are now in the media. I put a lot of value on their comments, as well as other non ex player media types like Bedard. I watch camp with my own judgements, as well as listen to what others are sayng and discussing, and objectively understand about 45% of the payers we watch will not be on the team. Camp is about critically looking at players to see who gets cut and who makes the team. June/July and August, I have a more critical eye than during the season.

    I attended almost 20 sessions last summer, and posted many observations on this board. Some were very positive. Some were not. I was right on many players, I was wrong on a few.

    I didnt realize this forum was for ball washers and pink hat fans who wish to get giddy in the off season and think eveythng Pats is the best and nothing less. To sit here and get happy because Dobson caught a tough throw, and not mention he does not understand the offense yet, and his routes are lacking, I cannot do...if you find this objectivity a downer, put me on ignore. I prefer an honest assesment of the team, and also wish to honestly comment on what I see, hear and think about the team....


    Objectivity means looking at something without emotion. To claim to be a fan, which derives from fanatic, which essentially describes someone full of enthusiasm and emotion, and still be objective, is, in a sense, mutually exclusive. 

    But I digress.

    Being objective in the context of being a fan means you also need to highlight the positive, not only the negative, which is something you failed to do.

    My off season comments have been very positive regarding the signings of Kelly, Svitek, Jones, Talib and Amendola. I was not as upbeat on Wilson (age), Jenkins (age) and Washington (age). I also questioned the $$$ Arrington signed for, but liked his signing.

    I was very optimistic on the players drafted, but did opine that the team IMO should have better addressed DT. 

    I did positively comment in last years camp about Vereen, Mesko, Jones, Hightower, Mallett, Brace (obviously I was incorrect) Dowling amongst many others. I was down on Cannon, Wendell, Koppen, Bequette and Branch.

    during the regular season I supported Boyer and McCourty while most were very down on them. I also am very positive on McD while everyone is very negative. Ditto OB the couple of seasons prior. 

    Again, you can harp on only parts of my postings, and if you don't like it, put me on ignore as I do with Rusty 5 of 7 days each week...