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    In Response to Re: GREG COSELL'S MOCK:
    I gotta ask this, so I'll place it here on Captn's thread...  Q:  WhereInTH is Quinton Coples going to fall in this Draft?  I've seen Coples as High as #11 Rd 1, anywhere in the middle Right around the 20 spot of Rd 1...and similarly, I've seen several mocks with Coples dropping as far as a third of the way into Rd 2...?   Lemme explain:  This is the first time thus far that I've really taken a keen and close inspection of the higher regarded pass rushing DEs on film, in a comparative analysis...   Here's what I took home:  Quinton Coples is a FREAK...  He's a stud, plain and simple.  Better- Than- this draft @ that 4-3 DE spot (with 3-4 OLB potential).  He is just a FREAK...  Ask mbeaulieu, Last Draft I said Aldon Smith was far and away the purest force to be reckoned with as a pass-rushing 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB guy...  I see the exact same deal with Coples...He simply looks like a Man amongst Pop Warner boys out there.  He is-  This guy simply FLINGS people around...  Just SO powerful...and extremely fast.  I see him getting double-teamed on EVERY SINGLE PLAY...more than any other situation with any other Pass-Rusher playing his position in this draft.  1 Difference between Coples and Aldon Smith:  Smith was 6'3 and in the highest of the 260'slb range-  Coples is SIX FOOT FIVE, and 280 even.  I know that's on paper, just a bit too big for a 3-4 OLB (weight-wise)...This guy can do it though, He is FAST at that huge size.  Quick lateral agility and body control- REALLY Good here.  It's just his strength with that body control, and now Lawrence Taylor height.  Been high on Andre Branch...but I'm turning the majority of my allegiance to Coples now.  Still believe Devon Still can do that 3-4 DE, 4-3 DT, leaps and bounds better than anyone else in this Draft (Derek Wolfe being my 2nd favorite).  RB, still going with Vick Ballard (b/c Doug Martin's gonna go to high for me).  And unless Casey Heyward, or Josh Norman slip down a bit (b/c I want these other guys), With CB, I'm still liking a few of those mid-rounders: Donnie Fletcher, and Maybe Ryan Stead or Keith Tandy (great potential finds in these Rds 4-5 Guys).  Some ILB/4-3 Weakside 'tweener I'd like (Audie Cole, Miles Burris).  3 Safeties I like, No-one apparently has any clue where they'll fall...Markelle Martin, Brandon Taylor, Antonio Allen (in order). ~~ Honestly though w/ Coples:  I have no idea his involvement (or non) in the North Carolina Suspension a year or two ago?  Also, I ABSOLUTELY have issues with his refusal to move inside later on in this season upon the NC Coach asking him to do so...  I'm even fairly certain I saw 1 or 2 bad inside takes, on his attitude in Individual Draftee Meetings with NFL Clubs(?)...  In terms of where Coples is on the field at this pass-rushing end position...?  ...He IS, right now, Better than ANY-one & EVERY-one else in this 2012 Draft Class.  I just don't want a spend a 1st Rder on a exceptionally talented guy who plays by his own rules...I NEVER do.   
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    An excellent and compelling read!
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    Drafts never makes sense.

    The Pats drafted Wilfork at 21 I believe, and he was a Top 10 talent. I STILL, to this day, don't understand why he slipped so much.

    2 Days 10 Hours to go! (my geekdom is undeniable this time of year)
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    In Response to Re: GREG COSELL'S MOCK:
    Realistically, will Brockers still be available at 27?
    Posted by ATJ

    There is no guessing which way the picks will fall, Devon Still is my back up plan at DT for the first pick.  IMO we need one of these guys to have a successful draft or we had better be on the free agent hunt for older D tackles who get cut for cap reasons. 

    BB may move up, rookies are cheaper than ever, so assume things are different this year regarding BB's draft tendencies.
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    I liked this mock draft just for the perspective on the prospects. The guy tells you things he sees on tape, rather than the usual carbon copy crap (so and so is big and explosive). When he talks about the pass rushers he tells you that he has seen the prospect bend around a corner and display the ability and flexibility to do it. He even noticed how the end from Illinois was lined up and how that would actually hinder some of his natural burst. He also said how he noticed things on certain occasions from different prospects - rather making it seem as if the kid displays it all the time.

    All in all I liked it. 
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    In Response to Re: GREG COSELL'S MOCK:
    In Response to GREG COSELL'S MOCK :      Worth the read?? This knucklehead has Janoris Jenkins going 5th overall, to Tampa. At that point, I stopped reading.
    Posted by TexasPat3

    greg cosell a knucklehead. by your own example, folks should stop reading your posts after you call cosell a knuckleehad.
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    In Response to Re: GREG COSELL'S MOCK:
    Hey Laz - Personally, due to his lack of effort and motor (which apparently carried over in the interviews) I have Coples falling all the way to SD at #18 Bred - With regards to Jenkins. I do see his talent being that high. He is the best pure cover man in the draft. So as Cosell says using just film and not considering character or red flags then I'd put him as a top 15 talent in the draft. But, as we all know red flags have to be considered, as players get themselves kicked out of the league for those concerns or off field personal problems have translated to lack of production on the field. Now there is no telling if Jenkins falls into that category or if he'll become a star but it's an awfully big gamble for teams to risk in terms of both money and the pick itself to place on the kid which is why he'll fall out of the 1st and most likely will end up on a non playoff team that can afford to take a bigger gamble on a kid
    Posted by PatsEng

    i see him as top 10.
    there are risks with every player
    re risk with jj. if bb is curious, id imagine hed have a talk and make his assessment of the risk.

    my guess is he gets a cheaper (Ie lower pick) cb
    as with most everything he does.

    ive made clear i like him or kirpatrick

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    As long as BB gets the RIGHT 3 guys...OLB/DE, DT, and S....the rest will be window dressing.  I would be satisfied if he traded the other 3 picks to move up...or even into next year if he gets solid to elite guys at the 3 spots.  My gut says Smith at the S spot in the 1st round...
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    Not a real Mock draft, per say, at least not as we all know it. Pretty worthless list, imo.

    I know he states this is where people should go depending on their needs but clearly there is really no way these picks pan out.  I mean seriously, of course Luck will be number one going to the Colts, he has him going to the Redskins so what is this "mock draft" good for?  Clearly a waste of time and space.  I would much rather see Trent Richardson or Mark Barron to the Patriots, those are Patriot needs so Why doesn't he list them with the Patriots?  Because they won't be available then!!  And clearly thats the case for most of his "mock draft" picks.  Barron isn't going at 14 to the Cowboys and Upshaw isn't going to the Jets. 

    These list have got out of hand and are starting to really become worthless, especially Greg Cosells.

    BTW, isn't Greg Cosell Senior Producer of NFL Films who who just recently released a ridiculous list having Tim Tebow ranked number 7, above Earl Campbell and Marcus Allen on the Heisman list?  Guys credibility is instantly gone with that list alone. 

    To many people putting out lists of things.  Here is my list of bone head lists...

    1.  NFL Films Heisman list
    2.  Greg Cosell "Mock Draft" list
    3.  Rex Ryan Super Bowl Victory list
    4.  etc, etc...