Greg Hardy?

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    Greg Hardy?

    Wasn't this guy from Ole Miss projected to be a first-rounder not long ago? I understand he's had injury problems, but that's what everyone said about Adrian Peterson. Hardy is 6' 4" and 279 lbs with a 4.6-4.7 forty time. With those measureables, he projects to an OLB in the 3-4. Any of you guys have an opinion on Hardy? He's a pass rush specialist, and we most certainly have a need at pass-rushing OLB. Here's what CBS's report has to say:


    Pass rush: Good, not great quickness off the ball, but accelerates quickly and can explode past the tackle off the edge. Very good use of hands to ward off the tackle's block. Slaps away opponents' hands quickly with good hand placement and underrated upper-body strength. Strength shows up with a good bull rush. Can drive the tackle into the quarterback. Has a tendency to get his sacks in bunches and disappear for long stretches.

    Run defense: Good lateral agility to beat the tackle outside and force the sweep wide. Good strength and use of leverage to control the tackle. Feels the cut block coming and sprawls effectively to protect his legs and maintain his balance. Good effort and closing speed behind the line of scrimmage. Showed good effort in pursuit downfield in 2007, but struggled in this area in 2008 (possibly due to recurring foot injuries).

    Explosion: Good, not great initial burst off the snap. Lacked the burst he had shown in previous years and struggled to redirect in 2008. Flashes explosive hitting ability, especially when given space to gain momentum.

    Strength: A vastly underrated component of Hardy's effectiveness as a pass rusher. Good upper-body strength to disengage from the pass blocker. Good strength for the bull rush. Good leverage and leg drive to anchor when necessary.

    Tackling: Rangy defender who can break down in space and make the secure tackle. Good strength to make the one-armed drag-down tackle when occupied with a blocker. Inconsistent effort in pursuit downfield in 2008.

    Intangibles: Rare athleticism for the position. Actually used as a wide receiver early in his career and had three receiving touchdowns. Struggled with a foot injury in 2008 and was only used as part of a rotation. Will require an extensive medical check at the Combine. Has undergone two separate surgeries on his right foot for stress fractures, the second of which required a pin be placed in his foot for stabilization. The injury was aggravated by an automobile accident suffered on July 11, 2009, though Hardy was cleared for football by team doctors shortly thereafter. Missed the second half of the 2009 season after breaking his left wrist. Underwent surgery and had a pin inserted to stabilize the joint.

    NFL Comparison: Julius Peppers, Panthers


    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Greg Hardy?

    Committee and ALL:

    Honestly, the more I read about Greg Hardy, the more confused I get.  Awhile back upon seeing Hardy listed as a 4-3 DE, I saw his 40 (at something like a mid-high 4.6 something) & read about his overall athleticism, and so wondered like you, "How, IF, and Why Not Greg Hardy as a 3-4 OLB?"  Like I said though, reports on Hardy are just more ambiguous and totally all over the board moreso than any NFL Draftee I've consensus.  Whereas 1 scout will say that Hardy operates far more comforably with his hand on the ground, the next scout says that Hardy operates great in open-space.  1 Scout will talk about "Maturity Issues", while another site informs me of his great work ethic and how Hardy trained extremely hard this past off-season to increase his speed and quickness.  "Hardy's got the upper body strength to take ball-carriers down with 1 arm, and has the lower-body strength to push the OT into the QB on any bull-rush,"  YET "Hardy doesn't have the build or technique to adequately 'set the edge' on running plays in his direction."  I mean, WhatTF is that?

    ~LOOK, HERE's what We DO Know about Greg Hardy:  Excellent athleticism, prototypical height and build and speed to play Strongside Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 Defense (ideally-although I have concerns about him going from 260lbs-279lbs in a couple months).  Crazy bulk and strength in BOTH upper and lower body, coupled with refined pass-rushing multi-moves, and above average tackling, BUT how bad does Hardy's array of recurring foot and ankle injuries (and now I here he has a wrist problem) affect his speed and quickness either as a rushing QB threat @ OLB (get of the snap quickly) and/or in pass-coverage as a 3-4 OLB (handling quick faster TEs and ankle-breaking moves at times by slot receivers and runningbacks out of the backfield)... 
         1 FINAL NOTE: Greg Hardy has yet to be healthy for 1 full entire College Season (and he's a Senior).  Just an extremely tough call on Hardy imho...  Overall, What about his Draft Value of Risk vs Reward in draft allotment...  Meaning:  Hardy will go in either Late, Late Round 2, or Round 3, and maybe, just maybe-slipping to early 4th rd.  NE does NOT have a Rd 3 pick to use on him, and I'd hate to see them reach for a Big IF with even 1 of their three 2nd Rders.  Round 4 I probably would take that gamble on Hardy, but He should most certainly be gone by our Rd 4 selection spot...  Man, THIS kid just causes problems everywhere!?!  
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    Re: Greg Hardy?

    If he's there in the 4th, they should draft him, but the report doesn't make me want to boo my TV if I hear the Pats didn't draft him with their first four picks. 
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    Re: Greg Hardy?

    What's even more aggravating is that I'm having a difficult time finding video of him. There's one highlight reel against Alabama from a few years ago, but I want to base an opinion on more than one game. In the highlight, he looked near unblockable, but, as I just said, it's only one game.

    The thing about him that concerns me the most is his injury history. If he doesn't check out 100% medically at the combine, his stock will crumble, and he very well could be available in the 4th round. I would have no complaints if the Pats grabbed him there.

    If he checks out just fine, then that would open up a whole new world of scenarios. If he's 100%, I doubt he gets beyond the first few picks of the third round. In that case, the Pats would need to trade for a third-round pick OR grab him with one of their second-rounders.

    My take on Hardy is that if he's there in round four, the Pats should go for it. It would be a low-risk/high-reward scenario. I would also have no complaints if the Pats grab him in Round 2 after (and only after) he checks out medically. If he's not 100% I wouldn't consider him in the second round at all.

    Based on the reports I've seen , it appears as though he has the tools for a Belichick-style OLB. I think this upcoming Combine will show us who Greg Hardy really is. I'd be curious to see if he runs linebacker drills in these next few days - that would give us a huge insight as to how he would fare in the 3-4.
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    Re: Greg Hardy?

    I agree Committee, he was looked at like a Top 20 player in the draft not too long ago.  Injuries have brought his stock down tremendously and BB seems to grab these forgotten about players in latter rounds (Tate, McKenzie).  I don't think Hardy makes it out of the second, so might look at him with the mid rounder.