Bears and Patriots Talking Trade?


As we reported on early in March, there was some speculation regarding a potential Greg Olsen (TE, Bears) to the Patriots deal. Bear Goggles, a cleverly-named Bears fansite, is reporting that the talk is heating back up.

They (rightly) acknowledge that the Bears would have to package someone or something with Olsen in order to procure one of the Patriots' 2nd-round draft picks. Bill Belichick himself stated that teams have already been calling about the three picks that the Patriots have stockpiled. We think Olsen and the Bears 3rd round pick would get the job done.

While I'm certain that Coach Belichick is listening to any offers on the table, don't expect the Patriots to overpay for a receiving tight end, especially with so many options available in the mid-rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft. We see Greg Olsen playing in the windy city again in 2010.