Gronk Has Ligament Damage

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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

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    In Response to Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage : Well, that would leave you out. no brain = no sprain
    Posted by pezz4pats


    Or, no brain, no pain. 

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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    Get the Duct tape out.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    there should be a bounty on pollard!
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    Feed the former MVP I say.

    Branch got open on sunday,but Brady wasnt looking his way.

    Maybe he should instead  of throwing to an overworked Edleman who plays more defense than offense these days.

    Cant have Edleman trying to cover people and catch passes, IMO, plus return punts!!!

    We got 45 guys....find someone, but this guy is gassed. let him make an impact at ONE spot.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    I could be wrong about this but if he can go on SB Sunday his speed won't be effected so much as his ability to cut by this injury.  I know someone will educated me if I'm off base here.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    Gronk wouldn't have practiced today.  Also note Giants outs.

    The Patriots filed a projected participation report today, even though they didn't practice. Tight end Rob Gronkowski, who injured his left ankle in Sunday's AFC Championship Game, was listed as "did not participate" on the projected report.

    Gronkowski has been spotted in a walking boot in recent days. He was injured late in the third quarter Sunday against the Ravens on a 23-yard reception, and missed nine plays before returning.

    The Patriots return to the practice field Thursday, and with the Patriots projecting that Gronkowski wouldn't practice today, it could foreshadow that he won't be on the field for the team's first official practice leading into Super Bowl XLVI.

    In addition, the Patriots removed tight end Aaron Hernandez (concussion), offensive tackle Nate Solder (concussion), and cornerback Kyle Arrington (foot) from the projected participation report; all were listed on last Friday's injury report.

    For the Giants, who also did not practice, running back Ahmad Bradshaw (foot), wide receiver Hakeem Nicks (shoulder), and safety Tyler Sash (concussion) were all projected not to practice.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    I imagine tape will do wonders for his injury, add in whatever they shoot him up with, his young age and I think he'll be ok. I don't think he'll be able to help in blocking situations, but if you can get him out there running routes - he should open up something for someone else and hopefully contribute himself.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    Last night I watched the Inside the NFL program on Showtime, they had some great footage from the game, players talking during the game and different camera angles of the game, it was awesome.  If you have Showtime you gotta check it out.

    Anyways, When Gronk got hurt the trainers came out and he said it was his ankle that was hurt.  He didn't say it like he was badly hurt and he didn't say it like he was really devestated or concerned.  They show him going into the locker room and then him running back out from the locker room and he was running fine.  He got to where the team was gathered and he shouted "I'm back".  LOL!  Then when the field goal was missed they show Gronk jumping up and down several times and he didn't favor his ankle or anything.  Looked really good.  I know it probably swelled up later and was sore later after the game but it was very promising to see how he was able to do all of this after he came back from the locker room.  He will be ready to go for the SB!!
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

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    I would wait to shoot him up until halftime. Let him block in the 1st half for a beastly ground game.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKingII

    yup, pound it on the ground, kill the clock, demoralize the giants. and win the super bowl

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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    "Ligament Damage" is a medical term for "He's limping but x-rays show no broken bones".

    Gronk doesn't appear to be limping around like Big Ben Roofies, not when he got back on the field, not at the end of the game, not at the bar.  This is all a good sign.  Apparently it's not of the same severity.

    I was going to get on here and say that Gronk appeared to be 80% on the field, and that he'll be 90% in 2 weeks.  Now I'd suspect that he'll be just about 100%. 

    Gronk is key to the Patriots' success at this point with his blocking and his red zone efficiency.  Yes they could put a second receiver like Edelman on the field, or Nate Solder as a blocking (no pass threat) tight end, but it's a step down.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage


    New England Patriots
    tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter of his team's AFC championship game win over the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday. It looked serious at first glance, and he indeed left Gillette Stadium that night with his foot in a walking boot.

    Gronkowski, we now know, suffered a sprained ankle but not a high ankle sprain. There is some ligament damage, as is the case with any sprain, but with two weeks to recover and a relatively mild injury, there's a good chance Gronkowski could be close to 100 percent when his team meets the New York Giants in the Super Bowl on February 5th.

    But even if his recovery doesn't go as planned and Gronkowski is limited in the game, the Patriots' chances to win aren't in as much trouble as it first seems.

    Gronkowski's emergence in 2010, but especially in 2011, has a lot to do with the Patriots' ability to make do with the personnel they have available. Quarterback Tom Brady has thrown passes to a dizzying array of receivers and tight ends in his 11 seasons with the team, and has done so at a consistently high level despite the lack of stability.

    And this season, he has some serious weapons at his disposal, ones who can more than make up for Gronkowski's production, if not his considerable presence.

    Gronkowski broke the single-season yardage record for a tight end this year and his 18 touchdowns are both the most recorded by a tight end in a season and has the second-most of any offensive player who isn't a quarterback or kicker.

    He's made a major impact in the postseason as well, with 10 catches for 145 yards and three scores in the Patriots' divisional round win over the Denver Broncos and five catches for 87 yards against the Ravens in the AFC championship.

    It seems impossible that the other members of the Patriots offense could compensate for him being off the field or limited in the Super Bowl, but that's not the case.

    They have another extremely capable tight end in Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez is even more versatile than Gronkowski, able to assist in run and pass blocking, catch passes and carry the ball like a running back.

    He won't run you over like Gronkowski, but he's got the speed of a traditional wide receiver and can blow past defenders, giving them little chance to immediately tackle him.

    Hernandez has often proven the more difficult matchup for defenses. If Gronkowski is on the field, but is less than healthy, Gronkowski's presence can easily serve as a decoy to draw coverage away from Hernandez, who would ultimately be on the receiving end of Brady's passes.

    There's also wide receiver Wes Welker. Though Hernandez and Gronkowski made household names of themselves this season, Welker is still Brady's most reliable receiver. While Welker has not had more than 55 receiving yards in the postseason, and just one score, he's clearly going to be heavily involved in the team's Super Bowl game plan.

    Welker averaged 98.1 yards per game in the regular season; his low postseason production can be attributed to the success the team had passing to Gronkowski against the Broncos (a known mismatch going into the game) and the difficulty the Patriots had moving the ball against the Ravens and their top-tier defense.

    The Giants defense is quite similar to that fielded by the Ravens and it could yet again be a struggle for Brady to have enough time to throw an accurate pass, but there's no doubt that he will be able to connect with Welker a number of times, with significant results.

    But the main reason that Gronkowski's injury won't damage the Patriots' chances to defeat the Giants is simply because the Patriots are able to adapt. Some teams see one of their top players suffer an injury and the team as a whole cannot respond.

    There's a lack of depth, perhaps, or maybe even a lack of imagination on the coaching staff's part that doesn't allow them to see the ways they can utilize their other, healthy players to mitigate for the loss.

    The Patriots don't suffer from this lack of imagination, as evidenced first by the way they've revolutionized offensive strategy by practically taking traditional wideouts out of the equation and what they've needed to do this year on defense.

    For a number of reasons, New England ended up having to field a defensive secondary made up of practice squad players, unknowns and also-rans. They've struggled, certainly, with the Patriots pass defense ranking 31st in the league in the regular season.

    But they've found ways to make it work. Cornerback Sterling Moore started in just six regular season games for the team and didn't do much to stand out.

    However, from Week 17 through the AFC championship game, he's broken up two passes per game, including what would have been a Lee Evans Ravens touchdown, one that could have won the game for Baltimore, last week.

    Patriots players know when to step up, and the Patriots coaching staff knows just where their many components on the roster will fit best. With or without Gronkowski, the Patriots are still the Patriots. They adapt while teams around them struggle to catch up.

    If Gronkowski isn't on the field in the Super Bowl, or if he's not fully healthy, the Patriots will still find a way to accomplish what they set out to do. Should they lose, it won't be Gronkowski's injury that causes it.

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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage


    sorry I was running and pasted this with out the name of the site. I know BB is quiet on injuries but if Gronk was out or going to be limited, I believe we woul dhave heard more at this point. Sprain with two weeks should be fine.

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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

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         This's been reported by Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald that star TE Rob Gronkowski suffered ligament damage to his ankle, and won't be 100% for the SB:   
    Posted by TexasPat

    That's what an ankle sprain is.  The big question is whether it is a "high" sprain or "low" sprain. If it's low, no big deal at all, tape that sucker up good, then tape over his cleats and he's good to go. If it's a high one, then they'll do the same thing but the liklihood of his creating further damage is increased dramatically.  The good news is it's the last game of the season no matter what happens so between the tape job, a shot of cortizone and shot of freeze-it,  he'll be good to go for the game and will probably feel no pain by the time the trainers are done with him.  The pain he feels after the game and the potential for creating more damage and the probability of post-season surgery is increased 10 fold though. Also, remember this is the same kid who would throw himself off the roof of his house as a child and thought it was a great time. I have no concerns about Gronk in this game. His mindset and adrenaline alone will get him through it.
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    Re: Gronk Has Ligament Damage

    Again, I still have no concerns with regard to Gronk by the time this game is played. I might have slight concerns if it were this Sunday, but he's got 2 full weeks to recover & treat the injury. 

    Part of me wishes he played hockey instead, can you even just imagine this kid in a B's uniform????  
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