Guess it's time to start talking about next week.

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    Re: Guess it's time to start talking about next week.

    In response to themightypatriots' comment:

    I'd say it's about time for the team to start getting measured for rings

    I appreciate your confidence & I do feel the Pats are favorite to be in the Super Bowl. This game Sunday is one that could have happened last year had the 49er receiver not made 2 bonehead fumbles. And the 2nd in OT was Harbaugh's fault keeping the same guy in and not using a more sure handed Gore. Too bad too SF wasn't in it as a loss to them wouldn't have hurt as much as the 2nd loss to Giants in 2 years in SB. I don't  even want the Giants in the playoffs this year. I mean last year they get in with a 9-7  record & beat GB & SF on home fields & then the Pats in the SB.  Anything can happen in the playoffs.  To add misery to the 49er loss, I was looking for the Pats to avenge the Giants ruining their unbeaten season 2 years ago. The first possession safety giving them 2 pts was the first step toward gifts to NY.  On the next drive the Pats' defense results in a fumble at about the 10 yd line I think and they recover but had 12 men on the field. NY then went on to score and led 9 to 0. The Pats then go on to score 17 points in a row.  And in that same period they caused 2 NY fumbles and as luck would have it, the Giants recovered both times. Then, of course, the dropped passes by Welker & Hernandez who normally would catch these 9 out of 10 times  which were claimed to not be on target still should have been caught. These would have continued to give the Pats possession. I don't have stats but NY had to have had the ball 2 times as long in the game as we did and I believe on their last drive our defense was fatigued.   Also, notable, Brady made 16 passes in a row surpassing Montana's SB record of 13.  With NE ahead 17-9, it's still only a 1 score game needing a 2 pt conversion.  We tried to kill the clock running the ball and needing to pass on 3rd down.  We did not have the backs to sustain running play 1st down drives.  We needed to continue to pass short 5 yarders perhaps as Brady was under constant pressure and I know this is not run the clock down but keeping possession by passes does.  If we had more than an 8 point lead, yup, perhaps run the ball twice in a possession.

    I do not feel the 49ers are as tough as last year. Don't know if the quarterback switching has affected them. Alex Smith did not lose the game against the Giants last year. But when they tie and lose to the Rams & were only leading Miami by 6-3 and the Miami receiver fumbles allowing 49ers to score within the 10 yard line, I don't feel they dominated and at home too.  If they don't get to Brady, irrespective of having a better pass defense than Texas, he still can find an open receiver. But what SF does well is cause turnovers and with 1-2 in their favor "watch out"... so NE has to avoid them. Keep in mind though that SF is not considering this an incidental game as a loss and then one to the Seahawks in Seattle allows them to win the division & SF has to hope for a wildcard spot.

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    Re: Guess it's time to start talking about next week.

    In response to Casportsfan's comment:

    Typical Pats forum.  Blew out a team, no one will ever beat you again...recycle...repeat.  Then they play a team with a real D, like say, Seattle, and they lose.

    Unlike you guys, I respect the Pats.  Being a Niner fan you are in fantasy land if you believe the Pats' O is doing anything close to what it did to the Texans.  Brees?  Done, and yes they can run AND pass the ball pretty damn well.  Rodgers?  Check.  Stafford?  Lions had less than 200 YDs with 2 min left in the 4th.

    Same thing, different O.  Another O that will spread everyone out and try to prove it can run the ball to keep you honest (and the Saints run the ball very well).  Hit Brady and that O will stall like the rest of them did.  I've seen it year, after year, after year. 

    I have no idea who will win or what will happen.  But what I definitely know won't happen is what you guys believe will from reading these posts.  Our O is 12th, not 31st.  Our run game is 2nd in the NFL.  I have no idea now the Pats became a super D overnight, but I'm fairly confident we put up enough points on that 26th ranked D to have a legit shot at winning.  And there's no way in god's green earth that O is doing what it did Monday Night. 


    Well if it isn't the latest "JBolt/Underdog/Jintsfan" - "I really am a fan of the team you're playing this week/and/or whatever team happens to rival you for NFL dominance in the last few years" troll