Ok the Pats are halfway through the season with a 6-2 record and losses to Big Vince,Mayo, and Volmeer. Along with these season ending injuries are worrisome injuries to Talib, Connolly, Vareen, Arrington and Tommy Kelly. So where does that leave Pats nation? Is it probable that a Bye week is in the cards,(even though this has not been kind to the Pats in years past), or do they play for health,practically guaranteed a playoff home game due to the ineptitude of the Division foes, whom no one can take seriouly at this time. To put it in a mathematical way the Pats could finish at 4-4 and their closest competitors would have to finish at 6-2 to TIE--so 5-3 and the Pats are in, simply due to the fact that the other teams would have to finish at 7-1,(aint happening). Comments are appreciated as always seing that Pats fans are informative, intelligent and sound of mind, unlike some of the INTRUSIVE posters from other parts of the Country,(ie), UD6 and 42 and 6,(BTW where have you gone my fairy Giants fan?   Last but not least--HOW BOUT DEM SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!