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Happy Thanksgiving

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    Thank you UD6.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all the guys and gals here!

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    OK, this is a little late to be posting here, but what the heck. A friend of mine from high school posted an open ended "Twas the night before Thanksgiving"  on Facebook Wednesday night, some of you might enjoy my response...

    Twas the night before Thanksgiving
    And all through the kitchen
    the people who are hosting
    are starting the bitchin'...

    I'm stuffing this bird
    To feed 20 family members
    Just like I have to do
    Each and every November...

    We peeled enough spuds
    To feed a small nation
    The least they could do
    Is give us an ovation...

    Fresh dinner rolls, corn,
    Squash, green beans and peas
    Sometime I wish they would
    Just go to Mickey D's...

    Apple pie, pumpkin pie,
    Pecan pie with ice cream
    Load them up with sugar
    Then the children all scream...

    And then in the morning
    After a good night of rest
    There is a different perspective
    And we count how we are blessed...

    We can't wait to see all
    The relatives here for the meal
    To hear all of the news
    To hear all the kids squeal...

    And give thanks to our God
    For all He has provided
    And hope the Pats beat the Jets
    In a game thats lopsided...