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Harbaugh recently announced .........

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    Re: Harbaugh recently announced .........

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    It's testimony to the success of the Patriots when fans of other teams come to this site to tell us how they can't wait for the Patriots to lose, how much they hate the team, and how they cannot come to terms with the Patriots' success so it must be because the team cheated. I especially appreciate Giants' fans coming over to put us in our place by reminding us that our team is still human and mortal. I can live with their presence on this board because it reminds me of how special this team is and how dominant it has been over the last several years. The day these guys stop inserting their comments on this message board is the day when the Patriots are less relevant to them. So, I say Welcome, Trolls! Long may your hatred last.

    The man does have a point. That being said I'm fairly certain that this board is going to be overflowing with hating trolls come Feb. 4th


    Yes the man has displayed uncommon wisdom that I do not possess apparently, much to jintsy and Leon's dismay.  I agree with the basic premise that fans from other teams presence in general proves they are insanely jealous, leading them to childish behavior... But it still matters what they have to say.  repetitive ignorant taunts and antagonizing posts are their staple.   not interesting to say the least, and 100%deserving of a harsh response from this board and its members.



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