Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

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    Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    I really wanted a 49er-Pats SB as I did last year too. I think Pats would have beaten Alex Smith last year but if not, the loss would not have hurt as much as the 2nd one in 3 years in SBs with the dredded Giants. But this year, I don't think Pats would have beaten SF.

    Some commentaries make fun of Jim Haubaugh being a little too "Rah Rah" sort of like Pete Carroll of Seattle. Brother John is a bit more reserved. Belichick is more reserved, stoic and seems unemotional.  Personally, I don't mind Jim's antics on the sidelines.

    Here's the problem with the Pats and I know I'm simplifying this. All year they would usually score 35-40 points so defense was not a major issue. If some of you are Celtic fans it is similar to a problem Boston has had for a number of years, weak in rebounding but if they shot 45-50%, rebounding was not an issue. Many posts cited Welker's dropped pass as being the deciding factor. But, I felt the lack of a pass rush was what did Pats in with no pressure on Flacco.  Again, not a big issue if you can score 40-35 points and outscore the opponent but when you have a miserable offensive game, the defense can still rescue a team. SF was down 7-0 and 14-7 to Green Bay. They were down 17-0 to Atlanta and 24-14 at half.  In those 2 games in the 2nd half only 7 points were scored by GB when SF was up by 21, 45-24, in last meaningless 2 minutes and Falcons were held scoreless. When people think of SF, other than in the last 2 weeks with Kaepernicks ability to run, what do most people think first about SF's team...DEFENSE !!! If Pats had scored 35-40 pts Welker's drop becomes a non-issue. Pats main objective should be to draft linemen who can get to the QB & good defensive backs.

    Anyway, my $02 Cents !!!


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    Re: Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    Now there is a new name flying around....... The Bro Bowl!  This is going to be two weeks of corny Harbaugh family movies and photo albums of the two Harbaughs.  Can we fast forward until the game, please!


    I thought it would be a Pats vs 49'ers SB also.  Matter of fact I was talking to Alex smith in July and told him so.  He liked the thought of that, of course not knowing he would be on the bench, lol!  Anyways, defense needs help.  If Brady had a run game and a deep threat then they could probably still get by without a much better D, but whatever.  Oh, and I will act like I didn't read anything about a Welker drop in your post.

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    Re: Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    If the Super Bowl was Pats-Niners most of the heavy money would have been bet on the Niners who clearly would have been the favorite. I talked myself into the fact that the Gronk loss wasn't that important (it was!!!!) and that we would have had a realistic shot. Problem is, the Niners bring a SMASHMOUTH defense the the Pats have had problems with in big playoff games recently. As my friend put it, it would just be a very bad match-up for us. I was feverishly rooting for the Falcolns for that reason. One last point, I have always been one of the biggest Welker supporters and still feel we need to bring him back. With all of that said, he simply CANNOT drop that pass!! CANNOT do it! That is what you call a game changing play. Felger and Mazz brought up the point that he had been rocked two plays before and maybe it had something to do with it. Lots of blame pie to go around in that game though...

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    Re: Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    Hairball bowl   it's the hairballbowl!!!!!!!

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    Re: Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    I'm not watching ESPN or anything sports, other than college BB until after the SB, which BTW I refuse to watch!  Just seems to be a set-up by the NFL to me so they could get their "brothers bowl" and their "hero" Ray, the scum, Lewis one last hurray!!  F the NFL!!

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    Re: Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    A brother fist fight would be worth the price of admission. That would just be incredible. For those that haven't watched the Jim Rome- "Chris" Everett confrontation on you tube lately, here it is:



    absolutely hilarious! What a smug little pr%ck Jim Rome is!

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    Re: Harbowl Ad Nauseam !!!

    Hasnt even started - Im sure next week Mom, Dad, and the eighty-eighth cousin will all have been interviewed....