HARD KNOCKS VIDEO: is this how BB would have fired CHAD?

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    HARD KNOCKS VIDEO: is this how BB would have fired CHAD?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Bl977K7FcMw unfortunately i do not have hbo or any paid premium channels (not a big movie guy) but this is priceless video. really takes off the covering off the facade. a clear peek behind the curtains. i think this was done pretty well. some think it proves philbin's stint will be short in miami. i think bb would have gone down the same road. its about the big pic, noone thing, nothing personal, just not working out, then called security to get the playbook and what not. perhaps the meeting isnt just one on one but with 2 or 3 others in the room and the refrain "we" comes up a few times. hope chad replays this a lot and gets his head screwed on better. this is about LIFE not just football. so many americans can relate to ocho's helplessness in that moment. your entire life as you know and have planned it is essentially over. now has to call his "wife" and tell her no mo paychecks from football and from tv show.. no $!

    frankly, i would like to see bb do hard knocks the year following our next SB win (2014).... y the big mystery? it helps everyone involved if done correctly.
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    Re: HARD KNOCKS VIDEO: is this how BB would have fired CHAD?

    If Bill Belichick and the Patriots were on Hardknocks, Coach Belichick would have kicked the camera crew out of his office. When Coach Belichick would have let Johnson go, he would have made sure the scenario was one on one. Not one on one with a camera crew present. Coach Belichick would also make sure one could not view him letting a player go on YouTube. This is the one of the current differences between the two organizations.