Hartline receives contract to pay him "just under" $7 million a year!

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    Re: Hartline receives contract to pay him

    In response to Pats-bilbo's comment:

    My thought after Hartline signing...

    Welker 4 years 30 mil 18 mil guaranteed... 2 mil signing bonus and so Cap this year is around 9.5 mil, following years... 6.8 mil cap hit there after... 

    Welker gets his money and we get a receiver for at least 2 years but possibly 3... 4 th year is questionable anyways.... Welker gets his 18 mil in those 3 years....

    Would you do this if you were the Pats?

    Would you take it if you were Wes?

         If I were Welker, I'd jump at this. Hopefully, the Pats would never do this. Too much guaranteed money. The deal that you propose should be more backloaded, with, say, $13 million guaranteed. It's the amount of guaranteed money that will be the point of contention in the Welker negotiations. A $6.8mil. cap charge, after allocating nearly $10mil. for 2013, is too high.    

         Don't forget that, unlike the much younger Hartline, Welker turns 32 soon.   


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    Re: Hartline receives contract to pay him

    Hartline lands 5-year, $30.77M deal from Fins

    Dolphins re-signed WR Brian Hartline to a five-year, $30.775 million contract with $12.5 million guaranteed.

    The $6.15 million annual average is actually a tick less than expected, but GM Jeff Ireland still overpaid. While Hartline's 2012 stat line looks decent on paper -- 74 catches for 1,083 yards -- he needed top-20 targets to do it and accounted for 16.2 percent of his receptions, 23.4 percent of his yards, and 100 percent of his touchdowns in Week 4 at Arizona. (He only scored once all year.) Hartline is just 26 years old, but he's a middling No. 2 NFL receiver lacking true playmaking ability and long-range upside. Particularly if the Dolphins pair him with Mike Wallace, Hartline will likely be overvalued in 2013 fantasy drafts.