He walked off the field after the super bowl loss and tried to justify it by saying he would call Brees at a later time and the would call coach Payton at a later time. Now i dont live in Indy so I am not privy to local news and what not so I ask the likes of Underdogg to answer this question, has he made those calls yet? Has it been reported by anyone that he made those calls?

IMO he deserves all the same trash talk that Belichick got when he walked off the field with out shaking hands. Now i know this wont happen because the media swings from Mannings nut sack but it should. Not only should his legacy be in question for his awful playoff record and his habit for choking with the game on the line but his sportsmanship should be called into question as well. He knows Brees would even call him a friend but yet cant shake his hand after being beaten fair and square? If a Patriot did that he would be torn down by every sports writer in the nation. So Underdogg please as soon as you get word that he made these phone calls post and let me know because I do not think he will make the call, he is a Colt which IMO means he is a gutless coward and so with that said he wont call Brees or coach Payton.