haynesworth as a 3-4 end

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    haynesworth as a 3-4 end

    I have a hunch you will dee a 3 man front of him warren and wilfork somtime soon
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    Re: haynesworth as a 3-4 end

    Haynesworth, I am sure, will tell the Pats exactly what he needs to be happy.  the question is whether or not the pats will give into his demands. 

    I'll give Belichick enough credit here to believe that he has already considered this.  I am sure he has a plan for Haynesworth that likely fits Haynesworths desires and skill set. 

    I'd imagine that Belichick will ease Haynesworth into the system with nothing more than what Haynesworth wants (which means initially limited value).  If Belichick, manages to win AH over then I'd bet Belichick hits him with more responsibilities.
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    Re: haynesworth as a 3-4 end

    BB will put him in position to succeed. Most likely the 3 Technique outside OG shoulder. Even when BB coached the Giants as D-Coord. Most people don't realize how much Taylor actually played at DE. We run a completely different form of a 3-4 than washington. Shanahan Told Hayneworth to play the 1 Tech, that's what Big Vince Plays for us. With Vince and Albert pushing the Middle Teams will have to change there Protection schemes at the line of scrimmage. This will be huge along with a healthy Warren. Think about How happy Mayo and Spikes are right Now. Ray Lewis was only Great playing behind Big D-line that take up Blockers. He was average at best when he did not have the Horses,so he bitched and Moaned for 2 seasons. Finally Ngata showed up. Mayo takes next step to being best LB in the NFL
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    Re: haynesworth as a 3-4 end

    Define happy though. He could end up with 8 tackles and 2.5 sacks when it's all said & done and still be happy because he's part of a winning defense.
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    Re: haynesworth as a 3-4 end

    Seymour got 8 sacks twice  while playing for the Pats strickly as a 34 DE.  If Haynesworth looks at that and the fact that the Patriots defense played 54% in a 43 nickle were he will pass the rusher, then it is easy to see he should have double digit sacks for Patriots next year.

    Everything I wrote is fact.  He should see his personal stats rise from Washington.  Like playing for BB and a Tom Brady led offense.  He is on a 14-2 winning team.  

    Mark my words.  He sees more than a light at the end of the tunnel.  He sees success.

    He will rejuvinate his career and let the league know that he is a top 5 D Linemen.  

    Wright    Haynesworth    Wilfork    Cunningham    -    You scared yet?

    No?  The how about this.,

    Warren    Wilfork    Haynesworth.

    Bodden is back teaming with McCourty.

    Our D will be a force again. 
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    Re: haynesworth as a 3-4 end

    The Jets have a great run-blocking line, what's left of it, and Miami wants to go the same route if they can.  Neither team has much of a quarterback, so they're going to run the ball.

    Wilfork played end against tackle Jake Long last year, just to plug that side.  Haynesworth can play the same spot as needed.

    My guess is that the whole defensive line is going to shift around a lot looking for weak spots and trying to cause blocking errors.  With the Pats, call Haynesworth a big lineman, not a nose tackle, not a 4-3 tackle, not a 2-5 tackle on third down and 20, and not an end.