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In Response to Re: Haynesworth CUT : I just LOVE putting the doggie down (again). Your commentary was that BB was a bonehead for trading for Haynesworth, something that the GREAT 0-11 Polian (it's his hand crafted roster, you know) NEVER would do. The Haynesworth transaction was based on NEED. It didn't work out, so BB's the bonehead. Funny, but I recall the 0-11 Polian making a DUMBER transaction, for more money, no less, by signing a RETIRED QB NOT NAMED FAVRE to lead his team, as a "need", something BB would NEVER do. With and without Haynesworth, the Patriots are sitting 8-3, 1st in their division, and on track for a first round bye. With and without Collins, your Dolts are 0-11. So, what's the common thread to these records? BOTHTEAMS WILL HAVE FIRST ROUND BYES IN THE PLAYOFFS. (Of course, the Dolts "bye" will be a little longer........ DIVE! DIVE!! ALL DIVE!!!!! RIG TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM!!
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Thanks for admitting I was right.