HBO Hard Knocks

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    Re: HBO Hard Knocks

    I was impressed myself. I'm interested in seeing how well Eifert and Gresham do in 2 TE sets this year. Bernard was a good pick for them as well. Add in AJ Green and Dalton has alot of weapons to work with. I think they win their division this year.

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    Re: HBO Hard Knocks

    James Harrison is crazy. It was pretty dam funny when he was doing the interview and turned his chair around as the Hard Knocks camera tried to get it on tape though. 

    I don't think BJGE was in it at all, Bernard was featured pretty heavily. 

    My favorite part was when Bernard got drilled by a linebacker and Marvin Lewis pointed to each guy on the o-line and said that's my guy , thats my guy and this is my guy...that hit down there in the secondary, we don't want those hits on our people, ok?