Ok, I only have a few things to point out.

I am over the game. I took Monday off, its out my system.

That being said, what was with B.B.'s wrinkle to start to Tracy White over Fletcher??   Last time we saw White he was giving up a TD to Ballard in the reg, season.

B.B. didnt learn from 06' in AFCCG I guess....smh

What about Vince?  Did he start. I saw other lineman on the field besides him early in the game and they moved him around, had him at DE. Whatever they did, it didnt work. Vince was a No-Show and that cant happen, as he is the leader. You cant lead if you dont make plays.

Brady has a safety. What a bad play. How about blaming the playcall?/  I know it was probably a scripted drive, but why not change the 1st play once you were at the 4 yard line??  How about a quick hitting playaction instead of a 7 step drop back into the endzone....ahem , O'bie!

We were in cover 2 all day. I understand the need to stop the passing game, but if you dont guess at times and try to mix it up, you have a nice, vanilla defense for Eli to exploit all day. Matty P is good but scared to call agressive plays under B.B.

Brady needs to utilize his check downs more. Should have hit #81 on that bomb to Gronk and lived to fight another day, or throw it away. Stop trying to make every play work.

I think they could have run more, but with limited time, you cant argue with what they did. We had to pass and Woody is the pass catching back. I would have  liked to see more #81 and # 85. I thought it was a nother strange move to get Ocho in the books and then sit him down

Wes!? Catch the DAMN BALLL!!!!!!

Thats all.

Happy offseason to everyone.....cept Rusty!   lol