Headed to Richmomd, VA tomorrow.

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    Headed to Richmomd, VA tomorrow.

    I'll be watching the team practice on Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday as well. 

    I wanted to post here in advance to gather any/all viewing emphases possible. I know many fans have certain players, schematics, and various other points of interest that they'd like explored. 

    Feel free to post here mentioning a certain facet of the team you want me to keep a close eye on and I'll do my best to take some notes.

    I personally will be keeping a close eye on the following...

    1.) The secondary, obviously. This is pretty expected. We've added Revis and Browner and have an interesting competition at the SS spot. I'm going to closely watch Revis, Ryan, Arrington and Browner, and keep an eye on Tavon Wilson, who apparently has been having a strong camp. Bit bummed that I likely won't get to see Dennard healthy and at full speed. 

    2.) Where the linebackers are playing. We all know Mayo, Hightower and Collins are studs. I'm more curious as to how our linebackers will be lined up in our base defense and our sub defense. I'd have expected Hightower to rotate to MLB to replace Spikes, but it sounds like they may have been using Collins in that role, something I find interesting. I'm sure there's a method behind the madness and I'm going to watch closely to see what Belichick may be thinking here. 

    3.) How do we pass rush? I truly mean 'how'. We have a new defensive line coach, something that many may have already forgotten. He engineered some really impressive pass-rushes in Minnesota and St. Louis recently, and it sounds like it may be rubbing off on our guys. Reports said our pass rush looked fierce against Washington. Jones had a sack and a batted ball, Nink had a sack, Buchanon had a sack, Hightower had pressure, ditto for Tuipoluto. Impressive stuff. I want to see if I can see a more aggressive style of pass-rush, and a change in technique perhaps as a result of the new coach. 

    4.) Josh Boyce, James White, and Danny Amendola. These guys could take our offense from above-average to top-3 in the league. All have certain things plaguing them, but all also have immense talent. Josh Boyce can't seem to put it all together. He has all the athleticism in the world, fantastic strength and a thick frame but mentally he's still a bit behind. His inconsistent hands have also held him back. If he can catch the ball and mentally progress to the point where Brady and the coaching staff trust him, he could be special. White's only flaw is something out of his control -- he's a rookie. No matter how mature or professional you are, being a rookie in the NFL is a challenging task, physically and mentally. If White can avoid the 'rookie wall' of sorts around week 8-10, and keep contributing, he can add incredible versatility to the offense. Amendola is athletically gifted. He's quick, fast, has long arms and great hands. When healthy he's a dynamic player. That's the problem -- health. If he can hold up, he'll give this offense an explosive player. 

    5.) The interior offensive line. I want to see who's playing center in place of the injured Stork. It sounds like Wendell, but I personally would rather see Connolly in that role, with Cannon at RG. I'll be watching how they mix and match personnel on the OL. 

    Feel free to add more, guys!  

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    Re: Headed to Richmomd, VA tomorrow.

    Another report would be great.

    Capriccio's and Millie's Diner are pretty good restaurants to have a meal afterwards.

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    Re: Headed to Richmomd, VA tomorrow.

    Vertigho, enjoy tomorrow!!! If it's not to much trouble try to keep an eye on Zach Moore.

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    Re: Headed to Richmomd, VA tomorrow.

    Hey heads up, Pats were practicing on the far field, so if you want to be close for individual drills and such, follow the field around all the way to the very back right corner. 11 on 11/special teams were mostly done on the first field, which is where a majority of the fans were. I noticed a large patriots contingency in that back right corner.

    I'll be going with my gf who is a skins fan, so I'll likely be in the skins section again tomorrow.

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