Heath Miller

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    Re: Heath Miller



    Is this noteworthy pats info?  There you go again focusing on other teams irrelevencies...obsessed with Old Rivalries!!  smh

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    Re: Heath Miller

    I think teams will/can get old, but the reason why Pittsburgh is not going to the playoffs is because their QB got injured and missed games. If they had gotten in, I would not of wanted to face them. Pittsburgh can draft with the best of them and will no doubt be right back into the thick of things next year as long as Ben stays healthy. I'm no Steeler expert, but I believe they have drafted 4 or 5 young guys on defense that will help them going forward - they also have some young guys on offense that are dangerous. If they're right up against the cap they will cut some of their old dead weight and clear room for free agency...happens every year on every team.