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Heavy rain and wind expected for Monday Night

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    Re: Heavy rain and wind expected for Monday Night

    Brady is a dink and dunk artist.  With heavy wind, he zips those passes in. Brady never was an expert long ball artist. 

    New England's short pass / run option works well in cold weather.  New England has won 19 second half of the season games in a row, starting with the 2010 season.

    Houston would like to test some long downfield throws, the kind that are easy to toss in the warm, windless Houston stadium.  It shouldn't be tried in 35 mph gusts except on third and 20 when you're punting on fourth down anyway.  Also expect a fog bowl, says weatherunderground.  The front seems to go through around 11:00 p.m. Monday.  

    The other spectacular problem is that Houston has three important cornerbacks all injured.  Memo to TB:  Don't ever act the least bit like you're going to pick on the subs at the end of the bench, at least don't say anything before the game. Find something nice to say about these sophomore fourth and second rounders.  If I remember right, the Pats themselves picked a second round cornerback and a fourth round cornerback one year.  Unfortunately, those players didn't do much.

    I'm reading that BB is preparing Brady for the Houston's high-jumping defensive line.  Take 5 step drops instead of 3 step drops, disguise the drop distance well, throw it well over the leaping linemen (Brady is 6'4", an advantage in the NFL) and fake lots of passes.  They all jump as soon as they see the quarterback c#ck (you have been saved from a really dirty word by the Globe's software) the ball (oh, no, maybe you weren't saved from perdition after all), so deke them out of position many times and then you have a clear throwing lane to your real target. 

    BB gets a small Monday Night advantage with an extra day of study (and healing).  He gives it up at next week's Sunday Night game.

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    Re: Heavy rain and wind expected for Monday Night

    The wind primarily matters if you fall behind by 2 or more scores because if you have to abandon the run it will be a tough hill to climb with inaccurate passing. Otherwise it is a pretty equal match offensively in my opinion with the Pats injuries.