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    The Macho Man was fun to watch.  As a young kid I had the pleasure of watching the dude train live for one of his fights, he was so fast and a wonderful boxer to watch in the ring.  He was a much better fighter early in his career as he seemed to be afraid to duke it out later on but still his boxing skills we fantastic.  Some of my favorite fights of his was vs Boza Edwards, Howard Davis jr., Ray Mancini, Vinny Paz, Greg Haugan, and Ray Leonard.  I thought he had the tools to beat Chavez but he froze up for that fight.  He was fantastic when he won the title against Limon and Solis.  If you enjoyed watching a pure boxer, you had to enjoy the Macho Man!

    However, he did live life on the edge. He was a character and a trouble maker, living his life on the edge.  It may surprise a lot of people that he wasn't locked up long ago or met his tragic fate long before now.  I have a lot of good boxing memories of this guy and am saddened anytime someone is taken early, especially in the way he went. RIP Macho Man, gone but never forgotten.  Good thread Commie.

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    Definitely a character. Some of the best ring entrances in boxing (this side of Prince Nassem Hamed). Sad way to go. Could be two (Randy Savage) macho men to pass away in less than 20 months.

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    "El macho" Camacho... a great boxer... i remember watching as a kid the fight VS Julio Cesar Chavez... the hole country (Mexico) was watching that fight... September 16, independence day... huge and exiting match... Chavez won...


    Camacho´s son is fighting very very well, actually, last month he fought vs Julio Cesar Chavez JR... Camacho JR won !!