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Brady and Manning are in a class of their own... When they retire, they'll probably go down as the best QBs to every play the game.  Peyton Manning is, without a doubt, the greatest regular season QB of all-time. No one has the numbers he has in the regular season, he's the cerebral assassin from week 1-17. He keeps DCs up all night. You never want to face him and you never want to face him without a three score lead going into the fourth quarter in the regular season.  Brady will go down as the second best post-season QB of all-time.The only way Brady surpasses Joe Montana is if Tom wins two more rings. With the way BB keeps building defenses, I don't see that happening soon.  Brady has the clutch gene, Manning has the 'it' gene. Rodgers is nothing more than a tool, I really wish someone would smack him.  Historically... Montana Manning Brady...
Posted by 49Patriots

BTW..don't want to turn this into a Brady vs Manning thread because there have been a few...if I am not mistaken that debate was raging 2-3 years ago on this board and the consensus  settled to Brady like 2 years ago. Does anyone here still think Manning is higher all time???

Anyway you are entitled to your opinion, just kind of threw me into a time warp thats all.

Now to the point..I agree discussing Rogers ranking is premature, he is playing as well as Brady now..more or less, not as well last regular season but better in the playoffs last year...but has not had as good a first 3 years (or has he been starting 4?) as Brady's first 3 years starting.

So he started his career arc later and is already behind what Brady did...doesn't sound better.