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Still can't believe this team has left themselves with only three defensive of them being a no name undrafted free agent and the other two being over 30 years old. And you can also add in the fact that we had an entire off season to fix the safety position, but went cheap and brought in a legless, washed up guy who rode the bench last year because he couldn't run anymore. But hay!! At least we won at getting the best bargain again!! Woot! Woot!



I never have a prob with your posts. I don't do the cheap cheap thing but there's coin and opportunity right now to right a couple wrongs. Could bandaide a few wounds and carry on. We only have 2OT's. that concerns me as well. We have scraps to pick through. We cast off some good scraps. For example just the karma of having a "Zoltan"on your team points get you more then a better then average punter. We need a D tackle. We need to eval our O tackles as well. 




Well I agree we need a defensive tackle, but if what you think is true about the offensive tackles, then that would really be troublesome. I kind of thought we were all set there.


Who goes in if Solder gets his ankle stepped on? What if vollmer has a back spasm? I had one and omg if that's your quality of life then it's over.  Who would you put in?  I see cannon on the right but the left I don't know.