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    What is going on with this years Offensive Line???  The Offensive Line seems Flat with NO Spark...  On paper our Patriots have a super Team with Super Coaches and a Super Owner with Super Fans.  I am just sick watching this Offensive Line move around the field and I know they are a better Team than Denver.  17 points are just sick and the Patriots should of had 30 or 40 points and they are just leaving to many points of the Field.  We got out played and out Coached again.            
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    Re: HELP

    offensively we should be much better.on paper we are anyways.before the season started.all the media outlets were saying with the additions of gallowway,and taylor,and chris baker,we would be shattering the 2007 mark,or at least come close to it.yes there is time,but through 5 games so far not much of an improvement.time is ticking.
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