Here's What Happened

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    Here's What Happened



    The defense DID NOT lose this game.  The Ravens scored only 28 points but the highest scoring offense in the NFL could only muster one touchdown and two field goals. 

    Go back and take a look at who the Patriots played in the regular season to accrue this tag of highest scoring offense... What they really did is lose to premium teams except for AZ and run up the score on the bottom of the barrel teams.  Also look back at the divisional round when the Texans scored 28 points (does that score ring a bell) yet the Patriots won.  Forget the Texans, they are a poorly coached team with lots of inexperience.


    This Patriot offense against a premium team is just "another" offense therefore, the Patriots lost this game to the Ravens because of the offensive game plan and poor execution.


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    Re: Here's What Happened

    Quick to discount them scoring 42 and 41 points against the Texans, who are considered having one of the best defenses in the NFL.  Pick and choose your poison to make your point.  I also recall the Pats scored 30 early in the season against this same "premium" team.  A good team can make the other team look bad by better play.  Yesterday, Pats clearly did not perform any where near the level they did against the Texans.  Did we really see the Ravens make outstanding defensive plays time in and time out to turn the tide of the game?  Pats simply couldn't click, but, give the Ravens their due, they clicked when they needed to! 

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    Re: Here's What Happened

    The Ravens pulled a BB. Outside the Red zone they tried to take away the Pats dink and dunk force them to run and pass beyond 15 yards. To the Pats credit they could still somewhat move the ball.

    In the red zone where they tried to take away Welker , Hern  an lloyd.In this case  Woody and/or Vareen shooting out of the backfield or Fells or Ho-man target would have surprised them..but the Pats stuck with the safe play and had little sucess.

    (Frankly a Brady naked bootleg would have been a great play in the red zone)