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I assume Rodgers sets the new deal in a matter of weeks. I will then assume Eli restructures next year and resets that deal.


Which again, only hurts those teams, because Flacco just spiked the market.  Rodgers is clearly a superior QB to that of Eli or Flacco.


It's very bizarre to me that any different than Brady, Brees, Manning or Rodgers, winning a SB, now becomes somehow the market setter.

You're much better off believing in your QB and signing him long term before he can go to market as a FA or allowing something like this Flacco example to compromise your long term budgetary plans.

The fact you think this isn't a big deal is wrong unless you think Flacco can be a potential future HOFer.

I don't think Roethlisberger is a slam dunk HOfer, nor do I think Eli is.  Two SB wins doesn't put you into the HOF. Jim Plunkett isn't in. You have to distinguish yourself in other ways to be in the uber elite club.



just for the fun of it-and since you think age is so big a deal-how old are u again?

because Jim Plunkett won the sb 30 and 33 years since you say u are in ur 30's (that 30 something vast cultural experience and life learned wisdom, etc...) lets say we stretch it a bit and say ur 38 that would mean you were 6 when he won his first sb-and thats if ur 38...if you are 35 then you were 3 and 6 when he won

now, two things here: first off it makes u look like either a major hypocrite to call out younger fans here and be ur usual deragatory arrogant blowhard self doing so when it's fairly obvious u never saw plunkett play or saw him at an age where u had little idea what u were seeing and what was going on (unless u were a football genius at 6) and that opinion is not to be taken seriously or you will look like a major idiot saying those fans opinions about teams and players they did not see or were very young don't count when ur doing the exact same thing

you see, I am not only older than you (and better looking) but I saw Plunkett play-quite often and in both SB's...and I can tell you straight up Plunkett in no way shape or form is anywhere near the QB Eli Manning is-not even close...plunkett was a good guy and had an inspiring second half to his career and was good to at times very good but Eli is in a different class altogether...he passed Jim Plunkett a looong time ago and he makes plays and throws balls Plunkett couldn't do on his best day

and Ben? Plunkett is even further behind him, not even in the same league...Rothlesburger is a HOFer already-Eli has a little work to do, maybe two more good stat years or anopther SB run but both Big Ben and Eli are much better QB's than Jim Plunkett...

so how old are you again?