Still think he knows what he's doing right?? What exactly was that last night?? I'ts more BB and his obsession with accumulatiing picks that he'll never use. You honestly think the "Wise One" will use all the what like 50 picks we now have??
So what have we done. So far nothing in FA, THEN not only does he slide back once, but TWICE, giving up not only Dez Bryant but at the very least an impact then pick up a SPECIAL TEAMER!! In Round !!??
You mean to say all that after all that trading back you needed to grab Devin McCourty so desperately??? At 27??!! C'mon man!
This guy is clueless! Now we'll wait for the second round  beacuse all this "In Bill We Trust crap has you all believing there is a "bigger plan"
Pick are great..if you actually USE THEM for actual talent. So far this offseason will be another strange trip with the Mad Genius who I thionk now is just totally MAD!