How about Bequette, Boyce and a 2nd rd pick for Linval Joseph and Hakeem Nicks?

That is a nice haul for the G-Men as both those guys are free agents and Boyce and Bequette likely fit their system better than ours, since they haven't been able to see the field and were passed over by a 7th rd'er and UDFA:-)  

Then a 4th rd pick for Paul Posluszny who is way too classy of a 29 year old vet to deal with that awful Jags situation. He's also paid too much at 6.4 million this season (for the Jags, not a contender) and a new ownerhsip group that didn't sign him likely has no plans to go with him long-term.

He is owed 22 million over the next 3 years when he will be 29-32. We all saw that pick 6 vs.  Broncos, he also has another INT, a sack and avg's almost 10 tackles a game. I think a restructure at like 5/25 with a low base salary in '14 would work. Allowing us to franchise Spikes for 1 year and then with Collins and hightower hopefully reaching their primes in '15 part ways with Spikes. Poz would end up being paid out like 18m over 4 years and cut before year 5 and age 33-34.