Hey Fellas!

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    Re: Hey Fellas!

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    nowadays the term fellas is more associated with men who are tinkerbells

    Oh, yeah? Brady uses it on the sidelines imploring the troops all the time

    "Good job, fellas. Way to go, fellas. Keep it goin', fellas"

    That sort of thing

    You think TB is suggesting the guys on the offensive line are "tinkerbells"?


    i thought he called them fkrs

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    Re: Hey Fellas!

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    how do yoU allow the quality of my brand to be tarnished by a  cheap IMPOSTER?

    Just trying to save you from yourself   

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    Re: Hey Fellas!

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    This is hilarious. Who would even believe this?  All of a sudden, BDC is going to make sense with how they censor and ban people?

    i agree...if they did u would've been permanently banned ages ago  :  )

    Nah. A normal person would easily see that the belligerents are trolls like you, who have no genuine intention to discuss Pats topics, and ban people like YOU.

    The other ones who are Irrationals and/or obnoxious Brady Washers who are just delirious people with mental illness (Babe, Pezzy, RKarp, etc), never concede defeat in a debate, as they continue on for months on end, actually interjecting selfishly in other threads to try to regain an edge from said bluedgeonings.

    When challenged, they also run off. Look at RKarp saying "should BB be let off the hook for 2006-2009 drafts".  This is someone who loves the Jets, loves their leadership, teambuild, drafts, etc, and then doesn't see the hypocrisy in the fact their last 4 drafts or 5 even, have been horrendous, far worse than any bad stretch for BB.

    When challenged on that, after his troll work, he ran away.  That's a troll.

    That's what they do, That's spamming anddo  trollwork. They'll lie and spin/deflect in order to push that trollwork, too. Pezzy just did it in another thread where he specifically left out half my sentence to selfishly push the fact that he can't let past bludegonings die.

    Then, when confronted, he had to admit that's what he did because his lying was so obvious.  

    These people ruin the board, not me. I engage in genuine discussion as a PATS fan. A fan of the TEAM.



    Never did any such thing liar.  You will forever wear the scarlet "L" .

    The only thing I did was give you half credit for saying Benny had the most TD's in that rather fixed, 21 game period.  On reflection, I have to take that credit back as Benny did NOT have the most TD's of any player in those 21 games because he was tied with AF,

    You cannot have the MOST TDS's if you are tied as you didn't have more than the person you are tied with.

    So in essence you lied about that and lied that the stats were skewed.

    You are a liar!

    P.S. Constantly naming other posters that bash and demoralize you on a regular basis doesn't make you look any better.  It makes you look like the sick little lying child that we all know you are.

    Did you happen to read the OP's origional post.  It described  YOU to a T.


    Let me quailfy that statement.  The whole board minus your, laptop, I phone, Tablet, PC and what ever reconditioned device you bought yourself for X-Mas, to multiple post with.

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    Re: Hey Fellas!

     Nice try.