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    Re: Hey TFB12

    Went away for the weekend. Now that I'm back, am relieved things haven't changed.

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    Re: Hey TFB12

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    In response to TFB12's comment:

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    TBF12 just a wormy weasel. Actually asks a diehard if they have been to a parade as if it means something and then acts like the person answering the question, as if it is a relevant question, is the one who is the problem.

    He was confronted by multiple people, too. He just doesn't get it.

    A bandwagon fan from Texas whose dad like the Browns isn't going to be seen in greater light than someone born and bred in NE with season tickets in the the family and who has spent thousands on NE sports teams.

    The arrogance of it.

    I seriously don't understand what it would prove, so why would I ask.  I was curious, if you ever make it back to any games.  Also I thought it would be interesting to see if you ever attended a SB parade live.  But you want to be a jerk anbout it fine.  No big deal.  For now on I won't ask you any friendly questions, I will just continue to treat you like the liar and jerk that you are.

    Btw, if I wanted to make a point with anything like this I would have said something like this...

    Hey Rusty, you always say that I'm not a true Pats fan, in order to be a true Pats fan you have to be born there. 

    Soooo..... To that I would say:  Surely, if you were born there and you were a true Pats fan then you have probably met Robert Kraft, right?  Have you ever met Robert Kraft?

    You would have said no and I would have laughed at you and said well it's pretty cool that this Pats fan who isn't a true Pats fan by Rusty's standards has actually met Robert Kraft and you haven't!   Go figure!  Hahahahahahaha!!

    But I wasn't asking the initial question for any other reason but curiosity.

    What is the curiousity?  Are you not the guy who started following our team in 2000 because you said you loved BB so much, he was the reason you like the Browns???  Now, you spend every waking moment on here propping up a fading Brady who has choked in his last 2 SBS, while bashing the very guy you said you started following our team for in 2000.

    That's a little "curious" to the entire board, TFB12.

    What teams did you follow after BB left Cleveland?  Ours and then the Jets?  

    Out of "curiousity", please explain to the board which teams you followed from 1996-1999, please.


    Hey Rusty, your jealousy of me is flattering.  Your life is pathetic and I find it sad that you come here and try and make peoples life as miserable as yours.  That doesn't work on me, nothing you can say or do would affect my happy life.

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    Re: Hey TFB12

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    Rusty's in customer service?! WHAT! haha

    Situation 1:

    Customer: I want to buy a widget from you.
    Rusty: You can't afford it, troll. You're in cap hell.

    Situation 2:

    Customer: I bought your widget and it started a fire
    Rusty: Warnings were out

    Situation 3:

    Customer: I want to buy a Tom Brady jersey
    Rusty: Won't fly with me, "Babe"
    Customer: Uh, who is "babe"?

    (sexual harassment story gets picked up by NY Times)

    LOL I Nominate this for funniest post of the year!

    You probably should get out more.

    Personally, I feel sorry for morons who don't have a clue about marketing or sales careers in high end fields like Healthcare and Clinical Research.  For your bubble to be that small in the world, it's just pathetic.

    I don't think people like TFB12 have ever left home before.  Isolated, afraid to leave the area they live in, etc.

    It's kind of creepy an adult would mock that kind of thing, unless of course, the person doing the mocking is that insecure with themselves, which is clearly the case with TFB12.

    Guy makes photoshops here as a hobby which is why everyone (with a brain) thinks he's a teenager or a very immature adult.

    Either way, quite sad. I feel bad for his kids, if he really does have kids like he claims. He locks himself in a room to be able to post here, apparently. lmao

Oh the jealousy continues.  Sorry that your life is so miserable and pathetic.  Sorry you aren't married, or have a girlfriend and don't have children.  They are the greatest blessings in life, my life revolves around my family. Sorry that you don't have one and that you are so miserable and jealous.