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    Re: Heyward-Bey?

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    I think Heyward Bey could be a steal for the Pats if they get him on the cheap. He's been getting progressively better...then set back with injuries. He could very well turn out to be the burner the Pats have been hoping for. Now that Wallace is signed, I don't see them spending too much cash for anyone but Wes...more like creating a stable of cheaper guys as per the usual. If they could pull him in as one of them that'd be great.


    Yeah I want to say I heard/read he was getting better - he did have that injury last year though to his neck - still I wouldn't mind him here for some low risk/maybe some reward signing. You mention Wallace...Bey may run as fast and come at a fraction of the price.



    Yeah, I think if he had Ben throwing him Bombs he could have had the chance to put up comparable Wallace numbers. I wouldn't mind taking a chance and seeing if that is the case! 



    However, I think Nate Washington/Amendola are more of a typical Patriot signing. But wouldn't mind them bringing in a ~young speedster with some potential


    if NE cuts Lloyd then i would be in favor of trading a late round pick for Nate Washington. he's an underrated receiver with some big play abilities. However, at the cost of $4.2M and a draft pick, i think DHB offers better value and upside. amendola is an option only if NE doesn't retain Butterfinger Wes. 


    Yeah, I assume they won't get any takers on Washington at that salary. But maybe they end up releasing him if they sign a WR in free agency, if they don't have much of a cap hit in doing so. 

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    Re: Heyward-Bey?

    Honestly, I'd be on board if he came cheap. As others have said, he's only 26, tall, fast, and has shown a bit of improvement over the past couple of seasons. He does have a case of the dropsies, but that can always change (although it's not safe to bet on it either). Also, Brady > Palmer/Campbell. 

    I'd take him or David Nelson as low-risk, high-reward WRs (if the price is right)