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Then I would have to say that the Pats' 3/3 point SBs are luck. You create your own luck. And how many accounts have you had revoked in the last few years? I'd say you're the loser getting bumped from your own forum. Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Yes, you create your own luck by having the other team's kr make literally the biggest bonehead play of all time by letting a punt hit his leg in the NFCCG. Then, you jump over to the AFCCG and make sure a db from your SB opponent rolls up on the ankle of the best receiver they have and tears two of his ligaments so he cant perform in the SB. Yeah, I can see that. You create your own luck. Makes perfect sense, I like that. NY fans just dont get it, and they never will.

Yes, the Giants went south this yr.  What that says about the future I have no idea, but apparently you do. Also, from a stereotypical POV regarding NY fans, that's pretty funny. And in your case, you said that before SB XLVI the Giants had NO CHANCE to win. And the Giants had something to do with the Gronkowski injury? Or not giving the Giants ANY credit for their SB wins, such as the Pass Rush that the Pats weren't prepared for in the 1st one or the Time of Possession in the 2nd? Classy stuff. How about the absurd optimism surrounding the RS the last 2 yrs? So who doesn't get it?

it's all past history now NH but everything u said is spot on

it's funny how pats fans like exi conveniently forget Jints beat the Pats last year in their home with gronkowski, welker, hernandez all playing-so the fact that they couldn't do it again in the SB is beyond them-and they did it without Nicks and Bradshaw

every time I try (and try and try and try) to put this to rest they just gotta bring it up!

Because you are stupid and do not get it. The playoff game was a DIFFERENT game. Get it? The way that game played out, it is not unreasonable to assume that a healthy Gronk, would have made a huge difference in THAT particular game. Man, you are thick! Everytime you crawl back under your rock, you must bump your head.


u see though there is a difference in saying it would "make a difference"-which is reasonable and invites debate-and saying" If we had Gronk Giants lose" and "you got lucky becauseGronk wasn't there" blah blah blah which is sore loser whining and shows zero class

and my point stands: if giants could go to ur place without bradsahw and nicks and pats had their O healthy and giants still won then why couldn't they did it again in the SB? isn't that also a reasonable possibility?

 It still doesnt change this particular circumstance. He was just stating the obvious. Now if he were on a GIANTS board, THAT would be whining and showing ZERO class.

well it ain't obvious to me-sorry

and he can go to a giants board and whine anytime he likes  :  )

  You are still a loser. Maybe you can teach him how to be classless.


oh oh...seems like someone got a lump of coal in their stocking this christmas!