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Hightower inside

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    Hightower inside

    I know it's early, but OTA reports indicate that Hightower is getting his snaps at ILB behind Spikes and Fletcher. I would have thought BB would have Tested him more outside to start getting a feel for OLB early on. The LB position is set up nicely this year, with lots of camp competition similar to the WR position. I for one am very excited about seeing how the LB battle plays out. Hightower is versatile, and we run many different types of schemes. Where is his spot in our LB corps in the context of our other LB's? For me, the ideal situation assuming the rooks stepped up, would be to have Hightower and Mayo inside, with Jones and Nink/baquette/ francis/, etc outside. Or Hightower as solb, mayo wolb, spikes or fletcher inside in a 4-3. Lots of camp still to do you guys think it will shake out given what BB has Hightower doing today and anticipating how he may use him in the future!
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    Re: Hightower inside

    After reading all this I wish camp would be over and start playing sone football.