Hightower, White, ruled out.

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    Hightower, White, ruled out.

    How is the Pats defense going to deal with Marshawn Lynch and the run-oriented Seahawks? 

    Of all the team we've played, I'd imagine that the base 4-3 under defense would be used the most against Seattle, given that they have a mediocre quarterback and a very strong rushing attack.

    But now with our top two strong-side LBs out, how will Bill approach the game?

    The only thing I could imagine is that he will either use more nickel, however that compromises our rushing defense to a degree, OR, move Ninkovich to OLB in the base defense, and kick Cunningham or Scott down to DE.


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    Re: Hightower, White, ruled out.

    I think Ninkovich moves to OLB on 1st and 2nd downs and Carpenter comes in on 3rd. Maybe Deadrick plays more today on 1st and 2nd down at DE.

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