Homerun hitter?

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    Homerun hitter?

    I was just watching some highlights of Percy Harvin clone Jahvid Best, and it struck me that the Patriots lack a real home run threat out of the backfield.

    There was a lot of talk that BB was going to draft Harvin at #23, but he went just before.

    I wonder if Julian Edelman could see some action out of the backfield.

    I also wonder if Darius Butler could get a few snaps as well. Butler played quarterback in high school, and he rushed for 2 touchdowns last year at CT.

    If the CBs in front of Butler limit his playing time, I hope we see Butler in there  with Moss, Galloway, and Welker spreading the defense all over the field. Butler seems to have the athleticism to really do some damage once in a while as a surprise weapon.

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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    Well the Pats do have Fred Taylor now and we've all seen that he can be a "homerun hitter". But with all those wide receivers the Pats have they don't need a back that can burn you, only one that can eat up the time and keep the ball in your possession.
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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    I actually thought the Pats would pick him with their first pick in the second round if he were still there.  I know the Pats were talking trade prior to his selection so I suppose it's possible they could have gone that route but he obviously didn't drop.

    I don't see Harvin as a home run hitter, I mean the Vikes already have AP, but I think he would have been a great Kevin Faulk replacement down the road.  He's one of those Reggie Bush types who are a true WR but play RB because they're versitile enough to do so.
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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    You want a homerun hitter just look at the 2 wideouts the Patriots are using this year both Moss and Galloway are prototypical homerun hitters.
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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    Yeah, hopefully Fred Taylor still has that speed. There's a chance he could have a Corey Dillon type impact, in a different style, but I'd say that's unlikely. But Dillon never got to play with guys like Moss and Welker, so Taylor just might average 5 ypc in somewhat limited carries.

    I bet he has a chip on his shoulder, and he could be something really special this year.

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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    all the laurence Maroney doubters out there keep forgetting that the man can straight up  run. I'm not giving up on him.

    Playing with a BROKEN shoulder is pretty ballsy in my book.

    And another thing, ever notice that all the teams looking for a "home-run hitter" usually stink? Maybe they need this type of player to cover-up the fact that their team can't move down the feild and pick up first downs.

    This offense has plenty of speed already, can stretch the field like no other team in the AFC.

    Saying this team needs to add a "home-run hitter" is a joke.

    When is the last time a Running back has taken a team to the super-bowl? when is the last time you saw a massive-yardage run in the playoffs? You really dont see it, because in the playoffs, defenses are good enough to stop it.

    In New England, we don't structure our team to win regular season games, we do it to win the Super-Bowl.

    But hey, I bet they are talking about their "home-run hitters" in Oakland for their 100th consecutive off-season
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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    I would not at all be surprised to see Butler on offense. The Pats obviously have a history of using players in this fashion; Mike Vrabel and Troy Brown are a couple examples that come to mind.

    I know Belichick covets players that can play multiple positions. If Butler is as talented as advertised I hope they utilize his skills on offense and create mismatches.

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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    BB does not have a good record of picking RB in the draft.  He either picks up late round junk that doesn't stick or an Early round softy who is more fragile then Elijah Price.

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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    Butler should never play offense! for any reason! he is the future of teh CBs we can not afford to have him go down playing RB that is just crazy talk! Maroney is a home run hitter when healthy.
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    Re: Homerun hitter?

    Put big Papi in at fullback, he's a home run hitter, I'm not sure how he is at picking up the blitz.