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Honey badger starting early....

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    Honey badger starting early....

    This isnt a crime but makes me wonder if HB went to the Titus Yound school of how to be a pro football player.....

    Well, it turns out the Honey Badger does, in fact, care about something: avoiding a statutory rape conviction.

    Recently, Arizona Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu (who has actually asked fans to stop calling him by his college nickname) decided to get a little personal with one of his Twitter followers. Mathieu send an unsolicited DM (that’s a “direct message” for the Twitter un-savvy) to a young woman named Alexis, and got to the point pretty quick.

    After a couple messages back and forth, Mathieu asked the woman for her name and, more importantly, age. Alexis replied that she was 17, which prompted a quick reply from Mathieu: when does she turn 18?

    As you may or may not know, 18 is the age of consent in most states in America — including Arizona — something which Mathieu is clearly well aware of. On the surface it may come off a little sleazy, but remember that Mathieu only just turned 21 earlier this month, and, hey, at least he’s trying to keep things legal.

    Either way, Alexis released a screenshot of her private conversation with Mathieu at some point, which was uncovered by Black Sports Online. Check out Mathieu’s Twitter-flirting game in the image below.

    Tyrann Mathieu

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    Re: Honey badger starting early....

    But when is he walking thru those doors ?

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