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Horrendous Officiating

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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    In response to pezz4pats's comment:

    In response to coolade2's comment:



    ...(refs) weren't thet ones out there fumbking the ball, giving the Niners short fields to use. Or not catching passes that turned out as INT's. Or, posing as legit NFL DB's while being gashed on TD tosses. Or showing an innate ability to forget how to tackle on long runs. Fact is that the Pats put themselves into position to choke on that game. Too bad they played so badly.

    May have only showed as a 7 point win, but the Pats were badly outplayed for @ 2 and a half quarters. THAT'S the sick part of it all.


    Not to mention that the defensive backfield had it's worst game in months... TD passes of 24, 34, 27, and 38 yards is just plain awful regardless of everything else that happened in the game.

    hey azzie, frank and pez.  This thread isn't about the patriots mistakes.  Agree complely turnovers and db breakdowns cost this game. 

    That does not mean officiating didn't contribute also.  All this thread is about is critiquing officials.  Don't know why you can't deal with that. 

     do me a favor, just look at the tape of 49ers kick return and look at how specifically holds on koutivides and Chung open the hole for returner.

    Then look at final punt return for pats and see if you can find the player called for the penalty... He's not even in the screen.

    Again you can just say, refs miss calls in every game , so what...which is true.  But here there was a pattern that I pointed out, and that my friends is "horrendous officiating".

    Ya, the zebras suck.  Always have and always will, conspiracy or just ineptitude, it doesn't matter.

    I would say that 4 TO's, 8 dropped balls( which the Pats are leading the league in BTW),

    4 (one) pass TD's over 25 yards (which the Pats are leading the league in BTW).

    A run back of 63 yards when it meerly should have been licked through the EZ with no opportunity to advance, BTW, are more responsible for the loss.

    Perhaps the zebras didn't help, IDK, but I don't believe they would have lost if they just cleaned up some or all of the above.


    For your reading pleasure:

    The Patriots caught a break in Sunday night's loss to the 49ers when Delanie Walker's first-quarter fumble wasn't overturned on replay.

    This news comes to us this morning via the "Official Review" segment on NFL Network (watch HERE), as NFL director of officiating Dean Blandino explained what unfolded.

    "This actually never went to review," Blandino said. "The replay official [Al Jury] confirmed it upstairs without bringing the referee over. That's a mistake."

    Blandino detailed that the replay official watched the replay in slow motion, not in real time, and that led to the mistake.

    "We want to watch these plays at full speed and we want to get the true sense of how long the receiver has it," Blandino said. "He doesn't complete the process of the catch and that's one we want to make incomplete.

Agreed; as far as the mythical fumble on the punt return, people see what they want to see

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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    In response to UD6's comment:

    In response to coolade2's comment:

    In response to UD6's comment:

    Wow.  I noticed that you didn't mention any calls against SF that they shouldn't have received or calls that they didn't get but should have. 

    Tells me EVERYTHING I need to know. 

    There is no way to take you seriously on the subject.

    The bias shows up when game is close because that is where outcome is in the balance...  Did you completely miss this part or just gloss over it... ?

    Instead of making general insults, why don't you use examples and make a sound point?  Because you're a dimwit troll.... With nothing to offer. 


    What at all does your bolded point have to do with the fact that you ONLY pointed out calls/non-calls against NE as if none happened to SF? 

    I don't have the game tape, but I know what my objective eyes (they have no dog in the SF/NE fight) saw. 

    Now you may think my comments are insulting, but actually they are just correct.  The truth hurts sometimes.  Conjuring up fantastical conspiracies doesn't help.  But hey, name calling is a much more effective insult, right?

    You don't have tape so you're going on your feeble "objective" memory...  Lol.  Right, got it.  so my observations  that I can look at 10 times to confirm before I publish it on this forum have no merit because I left out calls you aren't able to identify.  that is not intelligent.

    I point out early in post that PI calls cancel out ... So wrong again, 6pac.  scoring this argument so far, you're getting shut out.

    Why don't you just be the troll that you are and post something like..." 49ers yur daddys".  If you can't simply back up what you post.


  • Well, I didn't attend a school in the prestigious ACC, but I know what I saw and I commented on it the night of the game.  I even taped and rewatched the game on the NFL network.  So, I could care less what you might or might not consider intelligent.  Without a bias to work from, I know what my objective eyes saw, and I have commented on it. 

    You pointed out that early PI's cancelled each other out, but that comment didn't suggest the calls that cancelled each other out were bad calls.  I thought this thread was about the horrible officiating, not evenly called correct officiating. 

    If what you want is an evenly called game where all calls cancel each other out, then that's an entirely different discussion, and one I don't think you'd be ready to accept if there was a game where you actually thought the pats benefitted from calls and won, but that has likely NEVER happened in your mind.  The pats always get jobbed, right Coolade?

    So run along Coolade.  Get yourself some education from that school in the prestigious ACC.  I wouldn't want you to be missing class because you are wasting time conjuring up witty retorts to me. 

    Ok last comment for you , since you can't just shut up ot follow the thrust of my commentary.  Which sadly makes you a mindless contrarian troll , leading to multiple bietch slaps and eventually just IGNORING your repetitive crap...

    Nowhere did I post "always jobbed" .  You're just too dimwitted to recognize a specific  argument using actual examples... fruity udy the tool troll with issues... 

    Here's some reading for you dealing with troll psychology , good luck:

    hey palookaski... Thought I would share your psychological analysis. This is something that this board should read since it gets at how disturbing this troll behavior is... And how board should deal with it.

    posted by coolade from thread titled "nygiants reaching new levels...":

    Hey... Don't need to overthink it. Jints demise represents affirmation of pats greatness ( minus the lucky fumbles and uncommon Eli hot streak... ) So sit back and enjoy it while casting the annoying jints troll and friends to the depths of cyberspace humiliation for their childish taunts that have no purpose but to antagonize and provoke. that , sir is a noble endeavor IMO, defending vigorously this boards sanctity while beating down the subversive trolls. its not boring. I wish more members got into it like me.

    Posted by palookaski :


    hahahaa .... be careful what you wish for coolade, you just might get it.

    I thought you guys knew who Jintsfan really was all along.

    This Sociopath is the SAME person, a long time member of this forum is creating these names. These include PhatRex, JintsFan, Jetsmangione and some sporardic short term others such as the recent clowns LesphatRex. Leon and UD6 are harmless, they just pop in every now and then.

    Scat over to Google University and find out the definition of a Sociopath. It's welcomed and you will find it interesting. I don't have the 2-3 pages here to spell it out but briefly, a sociopath loves to leave in his wake confusion, distortion, disharmony among others, manipulation and especially CONTROL and punishment of others. They have the unique ability to change characters instantly and perfectly act out the part of his proxied characters and muliple personalities. Vanity is another trait, if you appear happy. smarter etc he will challenge you, but above all try to put you down.

    The real person creates them for fun but always needs at least one to support him and that is Jintsfan. A fan of another Team does not stay on another Teams forum for years, day in and day out, it does NOT Happen, again, it does not happen! If you notice that Jintsfan will not talk about his beloved Giants except for Eli, Coughlin or the everpresent reminder of the two Superbowls. He is'nt a real Giants fan, We all know more about the Giants than Him. Capice?

    The host and fake proxy will actually comment to each other to parry you away from recognition. They both have the same habits. They both are Quality CONTROL experts and will make numerous comments to most all threads. They all attack the same person(s). I won't mention the numerous other similar and damning traits, yet. I'm ready for him.

    Don't be fooled any longer, this clown is a long time popular (by his standards) member here. He scrutinizes every thread, both in and out of character.

    His private life is a fail of confusion, blame and control of others.There no known cure as yet.... "



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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    good post.  Might be your best ever .  good starting sentences.   i would add to that, " in a perfect world ".  Human beings as you say are subject to their own bias just like you are.. In this case they were bad.








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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    haven't heard you mention the feet entanglement in the end zone to give the Pats a first and goal. forget that one? it's apparent that you're a TB hater and BB butt swobber and the MOST non objective poster in this forum. see why Babe has an obvious dislike for you. Ed and PEDs? if you knew one hiota of weight training, you would have never made such a bias statement. can anyone just watch the games and stop whining about calls seemingly always against their teams only? LOL

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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    if there is any chance of doubt in the minds of the officials, like we taught our kids, pounce in it. that's why he reacted that way. you should implore the NFL for an officiating postion with the league since you don't miss a call with the aid of a DVR. try it up close and personal at real speed. good luck with that.

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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    Sorry, but this deserves its own thread. We saw one atrociously called game in Week 3 in Baltimore with replacement refs, arguably the worst I've ever seen in 30 years watching football, with even the game winning FG in question.

    I just got off the phone with one my uncles who has had season tickets since 1978.  He hasn't missed a game since.   I've never heard him so enraged over the officiating.  It's not the sole reason why NE lost, it was the turnovers, but clearly the officiating affected the outcome in favor of SF.   He and my other uncle's seats are about 20 rows up on the 45 yard line behind the visiting team's bench. Apparently, Harbaugh and his assistants were lobbying for calls all night long.  Not surprising. Harbaugh and his brother are two pieces of work in that area, always whining incessantly.

    Last night, however, was a top 3 worst I've seen the Pats involved in. It's one thing for replacement refs to have the built-in excuse, but these professionals simply cannot be so inept in games like that. 

    As much as the turnovers had much to do with why NE lost, the officiating was decidely so one-sided, that the refs were forced to resort to make up calls for NE in the second half.  The LLoyd PI call was the one that stands out.  But, you have to ask why make up calls are even needed.

    There are two plays that clearly affected NE's ability to change momentum:

    1. The Hightower stripl/fumble. What a great play, by a great young rookie. A textbook in-line closing tackle and strip to be called "incomplete". What a complete crock that was.  In no way is that defensible.  That was a fumble. Who knows if that might have changed things at that point. I believe SF went on to score a TD there.  Chris Collinsneck made that even more maddening by acting like it was clearly an incomplete pass where the RB never had possession and didn't try to run after he caught it. Laughable.  I DVRd the game and watched this play again this morning. FUMBLE.  Not debatable. Clear as day.

    2. The obvious one is the Ginn apparent fumble on the punt return.   Why on earth does a punt returner, and the entire kick return unit of each team, react in such a fashion, if he didn't touch the ball? I am not saying it clearly hit his leg flush, but the trajectory of the ball as it crossed him, coupled with his reaction clearly tells us it grazed his leg. All of a sudden, the rules change? Also, the refs made up a call about an "illegal touch" by NE, repleted with "holding on #57" by NE.  I am fairly sure Steve Nelson retired many years ago. Then, the best part was when Hochuli tried to explain all of this after 5 minutes of extended commericals and waiting with him saying they will review it, which"may lead to spotting the ball down there".

    Are you kidding me?  How is this stuff acceptable?  I think ol' Ed has taken one too many of the PEDs ol' Rogie is so concerned about in the league.  These guys just got a great new deal which gives them lifetime health insurance, 6 figure plus salaries and all kinds of perks for calling games 16 times a year for 4 months and we get that?  Unacceptable and it takes away from what two good teams battling it out.

    It is high time the NFL start punishing  officials in some way (suspension without pay?) for not knowing the rules of the game and making up calls to the point Bill Belichick and then entire crowd/viewing public is not only confused, but when the refs have a chance to get the call right, they still don't get it right.

    We NEVER see BB challenge refs when compared to what other NFL coaches do on the sidelines during games. Ever.  He's done it twice this year in particular. Once in Baltimore and last night.

    The officiating clearly favored SF last night big time and it affected the game.   Awful.



    Seriously, the Pats lost because of TOs.  Four of them plus one more on downs near the redzone.

    I hate the calls, too, but if this team wants to win, protect the ****ing football.  End of story.

    No offense, but this thread is why people think we're a bunch of whiners.  Play the ****ing game and scre w the cr a p officiating.  Refs didn't cause Ridley to fumble the ball that many times.  Maybe we should  give some props to SFs D.  Best we saw all season. 

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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    people with sedentary jobs are often fat, dumb and happy. in your case, you aren't dumb, since you remind us continually every chance you get.

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    Re: Horrendous Officiating

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    Umm, yeah, I did mention that. LEARN TO READ.

    I also asked why that ONE make up call popped up in favor of the Pats in the second half.  Is it that hard to ask for cleanly called games when they're on natonal tv, especially these NBC Sunday night games? Why are there problems with officials usually in these nationally televised games? Is it because they're predetermined, critical conf match ups and Goodell tries to swing them in such a way, he gets what he needs?   Hmm. Interesting isn't it?

    $100 we don't anything remotely questionable for NE vs Jax on Sunday like we just saw last week. 

    Here are some notable Sunday night games since 2006, where NE is 6-7.  That's right, read that again.  They're sub .500 on Sunday night NBC games. Hmmm.

    2009 - 4th and 2 in Indy - JOBBED on an incorrect spot call. Not debatable. Don't force me to post that video where it shows Faulk with final possession with him clearing the 30 yard line.

    2012 - In Baltimore. Missed FG at the end, called good, and a myriad of atrocious calls favoring Baltimore AFTER it appeared NE was about to run Baltimore out of the building in the first half.  MANY NON PATS fans also agree he missed that kick as did their fans behing the uprights in the seats.

    2012 - This past Sunday night.  An iffy PI call on Talib with possibly no contact, which means faceguarding is legal, a fumble by Ted Ginn (no kick returner reacts in such a fashion if the ball didn't touch him), and a Hightower strip/fumble after the RB caught the ball and made his move.

    None of these games are examples where calls "evened out".  Ridiculous. 

    Hey Rock, its shizzle, the High school dropout!  Just wondering why you are still writing essays on a topic that youve been proven wrong on numerous times and its almost time for our next game... Umm, dont you think its time to move on?

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