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How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    The defense looks bad because the offense isn't scoring 40 or more

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    In response to Mighty2013's comment:

    Wow, the Pats lose by one point and everyone on here has mad cow disease.  The French army has more resolve than the fans on this board.


    It really doesn't matter whether they lose by one point or 30 points.  If they continue to lose every other game, they won't make the playoffs.  They have to find a way to win the close games and finish better in the 4th quarter.  

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    In response to MichFan's comment:

    The defense looks bad because the offense isn't scoring 40 or more

    Yup it's the defense's fault that the offense was 1 for 6 in the red zone

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    In response to Spetznaz24's comment:

    What excuses will anyone have for this defense now I know the offense didn't play well today, but we had a 23-10 leald in 4th quarter until the defense collapsed.  The Offense got slowed down by the best defense in NFL, but still scored 23 points. I still think the offense has let down in the clutch moments in the last couple years, but the defense is the main problem.

    Can anyone for the love of god please explain to me how can Belichick have the worst defensive backfield in NFL? Every year we make up excuses for why this secondary sucks! Every close game out there that we play, the defensive chokes and gives up the win. 
    If the Pats arent winning by more than 7 , and we can see it from a mile away that the defense will give it up. This is without a doubt the worst and the most useless secondary in the NFL.  It has been the case for 4 years now.  Each year we try to convince ourselves why it will be better , yet we never ever see dominating defensive showings for full 60 minutes.This defense makes every  QB look like Dan Marino out there.  Give up 2 touchdowns in 5 minutes to Russell Wilson. That is embarassing and incompetent.

    Worst secondary in the NFL, without a doubt. Please no one mention Belichick as a defensive genius ever again after he's been fielding the most awful secondary in the NFL for past 4 years.  Letting Asante Samuel go was a huge mistake. Where do we go from here?  Every team knows the secondary sucks and will continue to launch deep throws, and either completle them or get a penalty.









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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    PATS  fans  have  been  clamoring  for  a  respectable  secondary  for  years.  Last  year's  version  was  truly  embarassing.  Last  year  BB  pulled  a  real  head  scratcher - releasing  James  Sanders.  Sanders  certainly  wasn't  the  answer  to  the  secondary's  problems, but  he  was  a  respected  veteran.  And  who  did  BB  end  up  using  after  Sanders  was  released ?  Stalwarts  like  Moore, Edelman  and  Slater.  And  this  year, BB  tries  to  address  the  problem  by  bringing  in  Gregory  (a  jag)  and  3  rookies  ( Dennard, Ebner  and  Wilson ).  Are  you  kidding  me ?  And  we  all  know  BB's  success  with  drafting  DB's.

    TB  has  always  been  BB's  meal  ticket.  BB  would  never  have  won  anything  with  Bledsoe  and  whoever.  BB  has  always  over-relied  on  #12.  Bellicek  is  a  good  coach.  As  a  GM  he  pulls  so  many  head  scratchers.  I  bet  he  has  more  2nd  and  3rd  round  busts  in  the  past  6  years  than  anyone.  BB  was  very  fortunate  in  the  early  years  to  inherit  savvy  veterans  on  defense  like  Law, Bruschi, McGinnest, Milloy  and  Johnson.  After  TB  is  gone, BB  had  better  retire  immediately.  Otherwise, he  will  most  likely  revert  back  to  his  mediocrity  in  Cleveland. After  the  PATS  won  the  SB  in  '04, I  asked  myself  how  many  more  Lombardies  TB  would  win.  My  guess  at  the  time  was  2.  Now, 8  years  later, I'm  thinking  ZERO.   JUST  THINK ...  the  PATS  may  win  ZERO  championships  in  Brady's  last  11  years.  Brady is  a  top  3  QB  of  all  time.  There  are  several  NFL  coaches  who  easily  could  have  won  3  Lombardi  trophies  with  TB  at  QB for  13  or  16  ears.  Heck, even  Pete  Carroll, who  was  totally  incompetent  in  NE, could  have  won  3  with  #12.   I  hope  I'm  wrong  about  not  winning  anymore  championships.  But  I  won't  be  suprised  if  the  PATS  don't  win  again.    


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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?


    Glen's right...terrible red zone % is a big culprit here. We should have scored more points. 

    However, when you have a 13 point lead and your offense isn't producing big numbers, why can't the defense be expected to close it out? Pats offense collapses against good defenses, and in this situation, especially against average offenses, why shouldn't the Pats D expected to close things out?

    Here's why...

    1. Terrible drafting for the secondary. 

    2. Secondary players not being properly developed nor coached.

    3. Bad game management. Why put Ebner and Wilson on the field, back there alone, with us knowing Seattle had to air it out...Why not go for the sure FG in the last seconds of the first quarter?...Bad play calling, bad game management in key situations. 


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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    This was a team loss. The defense did choke down the stretch,but the offense put us in a position to lose. I think starting in the 3rd qtr,Bradys arm went dead. He threw 2 ints,threw the ball short pretty much every throw and lost a lot of his accuracy. Tom is 35 and has had a couple of shoulder suegeries, I don't want to be a worry wart but his arm just seemed to lose it down the stretch he just couldn't make the throws,any of them. Having Tom Bradys arm going south would be the worst case scenario for the Pats. I really hope I'm wrong on this but his arm seemed like it was kaput all of a sudden.

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    In response to patsfan76's comment:

    wozzy, I agree but he dont have the personell anymore. We tried it vs the Broncos I believe but it takes smart players as well. B.B, decided to morph into a 4-3. 3-3-5 team and our personell is suited for it. We cant be a sucessful 3-4 team this year because we dont use it as base and we would look worse IMO


    I think the schemes are bad and I also think some of the players are bad too. Sorry. I gotta cal is straight. Arrington is only good in zone. He hasnt made a play one on one on a deep ball since coming here!  McCourty is good in a straight line but gets beat off the line too much due to not jamming his guy. Chung has turned into an injury prone NON FACTOR as he has played for 5 weeks and not made ONE impact play. That cant happen with your starting safety. Last time Milloy had zeroes across the board, he was released and same will happen with Chung next year. Dennard is ok but short and a rookie. Wilson will be a good safety in a couple years but he is overwhelmed here right now. Moore makes plays...after he gives them up.


    Why do you thnk the players ARENT the problem Wozzy? Do you watch other games around the league?

    I don't buy the "we don't have the personnel" arguement, the decision to run this nickel defense as our base may have something to do with the amount of rookies and young guys on the defense but we have the players, they may not be ready for this assignment but I think it's more a case of BB outthinking himself.  

    This might also be the reason none of our corners turn to face the ball when defending, BB might be following the letter of the law, teaching his players to shield the receiver, but in the real world the refs call any sort of contact regardless who initiates it and regardless of the rules.

    We need more beef on the field, we need another D tackle to crush the pocket, our front 4 get no pressure unless the secondary is perfect and they get a coverage sack.  Switch back to the 3/4, it's not the players, we have an abundance of talent.


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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    I thought that the lack of pass rush was a problem in our previous games, but the secondary was horrendous yesterday regardless of how much time Wilson had to throw.  With the exception of the last completion to Rice almost all of of the other deep balls were not good throws.  Our DBs simply got outplayed.  If Brady had made those throws that Wilson did I doubt he would have completed even one of them and probably would have gotten picked.  We weren't facing an elite QB or any elite receivers and we got lit up.  It was embarrassing to watch.

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    I have to say,  it takes alot of effort to draft  CB's and Safeties for 5 years,  and not  hit on ONE.  The Patriots scouting department and defensive coaches are absolute garbage.  Absolutely embarassing.  How is that even possible?

    Brandon Meriweather

    Patrick Chung

    Ellis Hobbs

    Terrence Wheatley

    Darius Butler

    Jonathan Wilhite

    Devin McCourty

    Ras-i Dowling

    Tavon Wilson


    Also brought in other incompetent scrubs like:


    Deltha O'Neal

    Sergio Brown

    Steve Gregory

    Shawn Springs

    Kyle Arrington


    Giants won the Super Bowl without 3 of their Top CB's.  We have our top CBs and cannot stop Seahawks rookie QB Wilson!

    You invest so many years and resources in the above mentioned names, yet  there is no common sense to pay Asante Samuel. He wasn't Darrele Revis or Nnamdi Assoumgua, but he was far better than anyone we have had in the past 5 years.


    I am sure if one was to put Mickey Mouse in charge of drafting CBs and Safeties, that he would have a better chance of finding someone competent. Seriously, could Mickey Mouse do worse than not finding ONE decent CB or Safety over the period of 5 years?


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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    I would never believe it is a coaching issue.  Belichick would coach them up and put them in the best position to succeed.


    The problem is the evaluation process pre-draft.  Even the guys the Patriots have released,  they have done absolutely nothing for other teams. 

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    Re: How can a Belichick defense be this bad?

    In response to Bunker Spreckels's comment:

    In response to patsfan76's comment:

    Its not an excuse its a on observation nitwit. Here is a newsflash for you. Players play hurt. Same way Brady got hurt when Tuck landed on his shoulder in the SB! Is he supposed to come out and let Hoyer play??  He is a tough guy. You wouldnt know anything about it and its this part of football that escapes you and keeps you from understanding simple things like real men play hurt because they know their backups aint Sh*t!

    Is Brady supposed to walk to the sideline and say "hey my shoulder is hurting, you think u could dial it back and call more run plays so we can end up in 3rd and long that way I dont have to throw it and we can run Danny and 3rd and longs like last week even though this defense is much better"

    Yea maybe thats something YOU would do, but not Mr.Brady. Its called B.B.s way or the highway. Ever see B.B. let a RB ask out the game??  NOpe, he tells them to s*ck it up. Its the ol' parcells way which you know nothing about because you think B.B. made everything up and forget HE had a mentor too.  I dont make excuses for players. I just point out things which some fail to see. Even if Brady woke up on the floor next to the Dog he doesnt have halves that bad unless something is wrong, but I wont assume anything, he played poorly. How about that defense though. Great secondary play right?

    So, if he's hurt why are we throwing 46 times in a SB (twice) and then doing it 58 times yesterday?

    Explain how that makes sense coming off back to back weeks of RBs rushing for over 200 yards combined.

    You keep trying to deflect from a simple question. And i've broken some bones playing sports. Twice, actually. 

    I knew plenty about it, toolbox. Did you play hockey growing up< Shizzly? Did ya? Or did your candy rectum trot around on a basketball court thinking it was a contact sport? lmao



    haha i agree the playcalling was awful....espescially in the red zone....but basketball is a great sport, dont know why you're calling it soft.