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V -  Know how you feel mate, sports losses can be tough, the level of emotional investment we put into this kind of thing is not always healthy.  My two cents would be to take good care of yourself and look for some hobbies that allow you to not be as invested in spectator sports as you are now. The football gods are cruel indeed, you can make yourself crazy just thinking about a bounce here or a fumble not recovered there.  Usually when we throw ourselves too heavily into sports it is because there is something else in our lives that needs fixing or fulfilling, something that is far more difficult to address.  One thing that I have come to believe without a doubt is that we are defined most not by our failures or our lowest points but how we come back from the adversity. So I would say to picture yourself rising above this, and say, in a year from now, having more perspective on whatever happens to the Pats because you have more creative fulfillment in your life.  Over time, I'll bet you'll appreciate the great ride you had - beats being a Chargers or Jets fan eh? And on the Pats side, picture Brady and Belichik hosting the Lombardi trophy one more time, and how sweet that will feel. I still think odds are it will happen again someday.  Nothing is promised to us, we have to face our lives with courage. Spectator sports were never intended to shield us from those challenges. Tell the people in your life you love them tomorrow and hopefully a deeper and happier view of this situation will emerge. 
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Thank you. just thank you. I really needed that.